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With the growth of the digital era, consumer expectations of a fast, trustworthy and amazing online experience have gone all-time high. Stats say that even milliseconds of delay can make leads lost because of consumers dropping off even before advertiser’s websites can load after an ad click.

Microsoft brought a solution to this problem for both advertiser and the consumer, in the next few months as the company is introducing parallel tracking, the final URL suffix, and an expansion of the number of available custom parameters.

Parallel tracking

With conventional sequential tracking, when a consumer clicks the ad goes through a series of redirects before landing on the final URL. Parallel tracking will take the consumer directly to your final URL where all the click-measurement processing is done in background. This would lead to a much faster page load time.


Advertisers will see more conversions as there will be reduced load times, bounce rates and other drop-off metrics. It is now available for select advertiser accounts. If any advertiser wants this feature, they have to personally reach to Microsoft as of now.

Final URL suffix

Final URL suffix will help to specify parameters to be added to the end of your landing page. There will be no coding inconvenience to you as they are already included in your tracking template.


If you’ve parallel tracking enabled, it would be better to use the Final URL suffix field to explain any landing page parameters are always passed to your site.

Every suffix will have one of the following types of values-
  • A static URL parameter
  • Values that reference Microsoft Advertising URL parameter values
  • Any parameters listed in the Help section (Final URL, tracking template, or custom parameter, Opens in new window)
  • Users will see Final URL suffix in their account by the end of this month at the account, campaign, ad group and keyword levels, and also in the URL options of each level.

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