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Meet Mr. Deep Bajaj, Founder at, in an exclusive interview whose progressive thought helped Indian Women to carry a clean toilet in their bag

How frequently we have wished to locate a clean toilet while travelling, shopping or being at other public spots. More often, the alternative that we are left with is to take the worries of utilizing dirty toilets. Giving a thanks to this revolutionary product, Pee-Buddy, founded by Deep Bajaj, his brother Mohit Bajaj and friend Rahul Anand, Indian ladies have been conceded flexibility to stand and pee and to get away from the apprehensions of using dirty toilets.

Mr. Deep Bajaj, the founder shares his story saying that you should dependably pursue your dream, regardless of what others say, you ought to remain strong with your conviction. He says, “The thought was conceived on a Road Trip in 2013 when we were on Jaipur trip and women would just about shout out when it came to utilizing a public toilet, they always remained in an attempt to hold themselves, avoiding water, beer and drinks. They would reject 8 out of 10 toilets founded at Fuel Stations, Restaurants, etc. and the ones which were alright, there additionally, they were jumpy and preferred to use a tissue to wipe the seat or make chairs. So most of the times, it was a compromise only.”

It was then that the discussion around this issue and its likely arrangement began and Pee-Buddy was born. It’s a compact female urination device that helps ladies urinate while standing up. Made out of waterproof covered paper, the use-and-throw product has a funnel-like shape and can be folded into equal parts. The PeeBuddy is sufficiently small to be carried in ladies’ bags.

Here is exhibited our candid conversation with Mr. Bajaj, one of the founders at this Delhi-based startup:

Q1. Before heading further, we would like to know about your earlier experiences.

Ans. I have dependably been an Entrepreneur. I began with events, exited this organization and sold shares in 2010. After that, I got into hand-made carpet business. This was the second undertaking and I began it with my better half. We used to offer carpets to best of the hotels across the world. It was the in the year 2013 when I chose to accomplish something in personal hygiene space for women. From there on, PeeBuddy was launched along with the Home HealthCare Company parallel to it.

Q2. This problem was present since long, but how the idea to bring this much-needed solution clicked into your mind?

Ans. It was in 2013, at the time I was taking a road trip down to Jaipur. There were my companions and their spouses in our group. Folks were drinking beer, having water, however, ladies were holding themselves. At the point when asked about the same that for what reason you individuals are doing this, one of my friends’ wife said; “Yaar, it’s truly hard to discover clean toilets on the way, even toilets at petrol pumps, eateries are truly filthy, we would prefer not to drink excessively, how great it would have been for us if we would have been able to pee like men.”

This idea drove me to initiate this thought. Furthermore, when, I began doing research, I realized that this is a huge problem. Not just this, women having arthritis or in pregnancy discover it truly hard to handle the travelling needs as this gets to be uncommon to discover clean toilets at spots. It was a major torment point, thus the motivation was there to think of the PeeBuddy, a portable female urination device.

Q3. You are redefining female hygiene, so, had you done any kind of exploration or study before launching PeeBuddy product as it has a place with personal hygiene and intimacy of women?
Ans. When we decided to launch it, we addressed a lot of women to understand which kind of issues they usually come across. Furthermore, the one pervasive amongst all was of sanitation. In this way, we examined the situation and experienced the measures that one needs to take before propelling any new item.
Q4. It is for obvious that when coming up with innovative ideas, we need to crush the challenges. What has been your case?
Ans. Amid initials, I started visiting stores and picked up the modern ones in particular, basically pharmacies. At the point, it was truly hard to make people believe that this sort of item can exist and work. Nobody was ready to pick up the product for sale, but yes somehow I managed to find one and that store got agreed. And then, there was no looking back. Additionally, there were budgetary difficulties as we expected to put resources into Crores and after that, no instant profits coming in. But yes, when you put in commitment and abundantly guided attempt to bring the result, it comes for sure and we received what we have been sitting tight for.
Q5. What has been your way of managing the situations?

Ans. I had a very successful career when I was doing carpet business or even before, being into events. I had constantly found real success. When we chose to venture PeeBuddy, it wasn’t certain that business will cruise ever. It was extremely saddling. Being a family individual and taking the risk to get into something which was to a greater extent a mere concept and leaving a steady profession for it, was a belief that wouldn’t have worked out in terms of others’ opinion.

In any case, I went with my conviction and rest is amongst you individuals. That is the reason I continue telling my fellow entrepreneur friends that, “In the event that you are not going to respect your idea, who else will; individuals will talk as they are supposed to. When I began, I wasn’t taking salary and event at present, I don’t, but despite all the odds, we have achieved in this way.

He says, “I do trust that if we need to accomplish something, the journey stays agonizing yet the destination is always splendid”.

Q6. Have you raised any sort of funding for your firm?

Ans. No, we haven’t raised any kind of funding over the commercial center. Whatever investment has been made, that has been done all alone. In adjacent future, we are planning to raise funds.

Q7. What amount of time you have expended to come up with the product?

Ans. Almost 3 months of ground work went into placing PeeBuddy product. Amid the course, we understood that sanitation was one of the issues women were confronting, there were multiple other problems present as well and to give answers for the same, we launched biodegradable bags to dispose of pantyliners, tampons or sanitary pads in a hygienic way.

Q8. What are the other products that you have listed on your website?

Ans.  As you will go to PeeBuddy’s website, we have bio-degradable bags for disposal of sanitary pads, tampons or panty liners, wet wipes for her intimate areas, underarms sweat pads for ladies having excessive sweating as a problem and recently we have launched Applicator Tampons. We are building the entire category for intimate personal hygiene products of women so that they could travel better. Indian women have so much to do, they have job, families, and kids to take care and so, we are attempting to take care of some of their issues in an approachable way.


Q9. What has been the reason that you have given such significance to digital marketing and please share your learning experience with DSIM?
Ans.  As you can see the world is going all digital now. Everybody is either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram now. And, if you will look at the product we have been doing, is for modern women. The modern woman is proficient and marks her presence on the web. Clients are here present on used digital platforms and the reason discusses importance given to this particular platform.

I needed to comprehend this digital world in depth and learned this at DSIM. However, I am not doing any kind of digital marketing all alone, yet yes am very much clear with the conceivable outcomes. Presently, in the event that I hire any individual for my firm, there is zero chance of getting tricked by him/her. I know how to look at the searches, how much traffic we are getting and different features of digital marketing. However, I have not put the whole learning into practice, but rather I will do it without a doubt. And, I have been able to handle this learning, because of DSIM.

Q10.How you promote your product on a digital platform, i.e. the digital marketing strategies that you use to bring the best of results?

Ans. We do Facebook promotions as well as a considerable measure of Adwords campaigning. We focus on certain keywords and run campaigns as needs are. We do PRs and our story has been secured by some of the figured names across the country, for example, BBC, Hindustan Times, Your Story, Yahoo and others. Likewise, we do blogging; there is Twitter handle, Instagram handle. So, overall across digital space, we use a maximum of channels to reach our target clients.

We wish to invest extreme of energy and endeavors in doing digital marketing promotions and thus, share the conviction of putting in more prominent sum into this particular section.

Q11. Seeking PeeBuddy’s growth 2 years down the time, what you wish to have in your basket?

Ans. I would need to have at least 13-14 active products like PeeBuddy, designed particularly to take care of the prevalent issues of women. Likewise the presented range of disposable bags, intimate area wet wipes, underarms sweat pads, we are working on other products. We have identified 7 more problems and the one is pain during periods. We are working on a patch that will take the torment away.

After 2 years, I am anticipating to see ‘PeeBuddy’ becoming a strong name and every one of the items would have been propelled under the vertical ‘Sirona’. Sirona  would have 13 brands like PeeBuddy and ladies would shower their perpetual love for our interesting services.

We are planning to venture into Europe as well and most likely, within a couple of years, would start selling our products across other countries in Asia.

Q12. Share some information about your team.
Ans. With me, there are two other founders associated with the venture. Likewise, I have two female co-founders working on part-time. Rest; there is a group of 14 individuals, working thoroughly to make PeeBuddy a global name
Q13. Why this idea just, what was the reason that empowered you to long for this thought in particular?
Ans. I have done a great deal of other stuff too. When I began making carpets, there wasn’t a trend for carpet designers and my spouse was the first among them. I generally longed to accomplish something else. Profiting was simple for me; however I chose to accomplish something that serves mankind. There has been a cause too. At the time, when this thought came into my mind, I was arranging ahead to venture real estate and export businesses, however considering it, I couldn’t focus on anything else. I thought this is something which nation needs and seeing the colossal potential, followed my conviction

Q14. Any special message to young individuals who wish to step into Entrepreneurship?

Ans. I would say, “ Keep the dream alive yaar, if you have a dream, don’t just give it up because of what people will say; If you believe in it, accept it, nurture it and take the plunge.”

“Thanks, it was truly awesome to have words with you, Mr. Bajaj. Summing up our discussion on this note, DSIM wishes you load of success for all your future endeavours.”
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