Vuclip, which is a leading premium mobile video on demand service, recently released a report on the growth of mobile videos worldwide. The report that clearly depicted that mobile videos now are becoming the mainstream among mobile internet users all across the world said 67% mobile internet users prefer mobile as their primary method for watching movies, music videos, and TV shows, based on the survey conducted among 12,000 respondents globally. By and large, 81% of the respondents surveyed were mainly from the emerging markets of India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

In fact, a number of respondents, although mainly in the emerging markets, were ready to pay for a better video experience, such as HD and unbuffered video content. Moreover, as far as the payment for that would be concerned, they said it should also be through their mobile carriers.

The main facts discovered and revealed by the study are:

• 70% of men and 56% of women prefer to watch their favorite videos, TV shows, and movies on mobile while only 20% of men and 29% of women prefer their televisions to do so.
• 85% of men and 75% of women are likely to increase the amount of time they watch videos on mobile in the future
• 73% of men and 61% of women expressed it is important that the video should not buffer while they are watching it; with 54% of men and 49% of women even ready to pay for downloading videos just to avoid buffering.
• 65% of men and 54% of women were more comfortable paying through their mobile carrier to purchase mobile videos followed by credit/store payment and net banking payment, respectively.

Survey results based on region:


• With 74%, the craving to watch mobile videos in India is higher than the global average that is 67%, of which 77% are men and 66% are women. Moreover, 85% of men and 77% of women in India are likely to increase the amount of time they watch videos on mobile in the future.

• The major concern for mobile videos consumers in India is buffering and more than 55% of them are even ready to pay for a more flawless experience, of which 66% prefer to pay through their mobile carriers for videos.

South East Asia

• Talking about the carrier affinity, it is found to be even stronger in Southeast Asia, with 70% of men and 59% of women expressing willingness to pay through their mobile carrier to purchase mobile videos.

Middle East

• Although 55% of men and 43% of women prefer to pay through their mobile carrier to purchase mobile videos in the Middle East region, still a large part of mobile video consumer base expressed a greater willingness to use other forms of payments such as credit card and store payments than the emerging market average.

Word by Arun Prakash, COO of Vuclip.

“Mobile is fast becoming the medium of choice for consumers in emerging markets to watch their favorite music, movies and TV shows,”

“It is only natural for consumers to expect an unbuffered viewing experience in their primary method of consumption, with relevant and high-definition content, and simplicity of payment methods. This expectation and need continues to inspire us as an industry leader to innovate in these areas. We see a strong and fast-growing mobile video economy in emerging markets where the entire ecosystem will come out a winner.”

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