I know a lot of people must be longing to be a part of digital marketing industry, for it is the highest growing industry as on date and will grow in future too for n number of reasons we have discussed in our previous articles like ‘Digital Marketing Industry to Flourish In India as Once IT Industry Did: A Report’, ‘Scope for Indian Digital Marketers in 2014 & Beyond’ and so on.

Hence, for those who are aspiring to become a digital marketing professional, here we have a few real effective ways to help them kick start their career in digital marketing.

Quitting your current job isn’t required

13 Yes! You don’t need to quit your current job to get started in digital marketing. It’s anyway not wise to quit a job before you have another job in hand. It will be like playing with your career. Instead you can devote just a few hours daily on digital initially and in the mean time keep your eye on the job openings in digital marketing industry. Once you are well-versed with digital marketing skills, go ahead and switch your job.

Reading digital marketing blogs can be a good start


22 Things have changed a lot in last five years. Now you don’t need to worry from where to gain knowledge about various things as you can find an ocean of information on Internet. Many industry experts these days share a lot of information with their views on it that can really be helpful for you in gaining insights about this industry related terms and methodologies.

Some examples of such blogs or websites are moz, http://moz.com/blog, DSIM, https://www.dsim.in/blog and so on.

Watching digital marketing videos will help you clear your concepts


31 There are a plenty of digital marketing videos on sites like YouTube and Vimeo giving you detailed and practical education on various industry related terms and issues. Besides, you are watching what you have read or heard, so you can better implement things now.

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Attending digital marketing events, webinars, meet ups will add to your knowledge


43 While reading blogs can help you gain knowledge, participating in webinars, meet ups and events will give you more exposure that will eventually clear your concepts about digital marketing more. You will see or hear it live that how industry experts carry out things and troubleshoot the glitches. You will get to know their views in their own words.

Attending conferences related to digital marketing will give you more exposure

51 Really! It is a wonderful way to gain confidence on what you have learnt. You get to know new terms and updates in such conferences that you might have missed by mistake. You can learn a lot from the experience of others and perhaps you will not have to go through them while you will be handling your own digital marketing projects.

Starting your own blog can establish you as a thought leader


62 It will hardly take five minutes to start a blog through blogger or wordpress. Keep on updating your blog constantly. Share useful information and your views with others. As far as writing a blog is concerned we have discussed it in detail in our article ‘How to Write a Blog Post in 9 easy steps’.

Blogging not only helps you establish yourself as a thought leader but also helps you gain more knowledge and learn new things as you do a lot research while doing so.

Getting trained in digital marketing will make you a complete digital marketing pro


72 You can try with everything that’s mentioned above to get started with digital marketing still if you think you need to go through an instructor led program and that too in a class room settings so that you can ask questions and practice things under an expert’s guidance, you can of course take a digital marketing course from a reputed institute that give you hands on training.

Digital marketing of course has become crucial for any business and that the country needs a lot of digital marketing professionals. So here you went through the ways to get started with digital marketing. Now, it’s time for you to take actions and make your dream come true.

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