LinkedIn is a dedicated platform for professionals and marketers and keeps introducing to features to make the channel more usable to them.

Recently, it launched a new page for insights and research which will help marketers make informed decisions regarding their social media strategies.


The social platform says this resource will help guide social media strategies based on a wide range of insights associated with, industry verticals, and the LinkedIn ad landscape.

The new rolled out Insights and Research page has following three sections-

People Insights

People insights offer a medium to LinkedIn marketers about their audiences on the platform at an aggregate level- like who they are, where they’re from, and what they’re interested into.

Insights in this section can be segmented by job titles- SEO professional, web designer, architect, and others.

Industry Insights

Industry Insights comprise insights, trends, and research on the LinkedIn marketing landscape. Data can be segmented by specific verticals.

Advertising Insights

Advertising Insights allow marketers to understand the LinkedIn advertising landscape so that they can measure and increase their marketing influence.

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