LinkedIn disclosed a list of the 10 most followed pages in 2019. And, also the insight into what other business pages can learn from them.

The top 10 most followed LinkedIn pages in 2019

Here are top 10 most followed LinkedIn pages and what they’re sharing on LinkedIn.

1) TED Conferences (12.5M followers)

A mix of video, articles, and customized image-centric inspirational thought leadership from business professionals.

2) Google (12.1M followers)

It displays corporate social responsibility initiatives, new innovations, and company culture with a focus on the real people working at Google.

3) Amazon (8.6M followers)

This page shows followers with inside looks at company events, insights about its customers, job interview tips, and more.

4) LinkedIn (8.2M followers)

LinkedIn shares useful content for an audience of employees, employers, and job seekers.

5) Microsoft (7.8M followers)

Content embraces the company’s particular articles, as well as content created by its employees and executives.

6) IBM (6.4M followers)

This company also in a limelight on employees by highlights the innovation being driven by its teams.

7) Unilever (6.2M followers)

Content comprises short videos, colorful photo collections, and branded graphics.

8) Nestle (6M followers)

Content is planned around recruiting and hiring by promoting its own company culture and career paths.

9) Accenture (4.4M followers)

Content consisting of short videos and links to new episodes of its podcast.

10) Facebook (4.4M followers)

Content is mainly focused on career development and professional opportunity.


  • All of the above pages share original video content.
  • All companies highlight their socially responsible initiatives.
  • Many of the most followed companies display the diversity of their company culture.
  • Many of the companies highlight their own talent and promote employee voices.
  • These pages find creative and exciting ways to showcase their innovations.
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