LinkedIn knows how to articulate the strategies of advertisement and meet the expectations of billions of users across the globe.

With the same approaches, the company is bringing more transparency to ads on its platform through its new Ads tab on LinkedIn Pages.

“At LinkedIn, we are committed to providing a safe, trusted, and professional environment where members can connect with each other, engage with relevant content, and grow their careers. Increased transparency to both our customers and members is critical to creating this trusted environment.”

This tab will help members see all the Sponsored Content that marketers have run on LinkedIn in the last six months.

Members can click the ads, but the marketers don’t need to pay for these engagements and those clicks will not leverage campaign reporting.

The new Ads tab is created on the same tools that were introduced to help members understand and control their ads experience that also includes new ad settings which every member can access from its LinkedIn account.

The LinkedIn members will be able to this new Ads tab over the next few weeks.

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