LinkedIn is working on a new tool called Talent Insights, designed specifically to help companies make data-backed decisions when recruiting and managing talent.

With more than 500 million members and more than 11 million active job listings, LinkedIn is in the position to tap into a rich global dataset and provide a dynamic view on rapidly changing market conditions.

Details of Talent Insights

This is a self-service tool that gives companies direct access to rich data on talent pools and companies. With this information, they will be empowered to recruit and manage talent more strategically and to make smarter talent decisions with confidence.

LinkedIn Talent Insights will give companies self-service access to two types of reporting that will help inform immediate, and long-term talent decisions: the Talent Pool report and the Company report.

The Talent Pool report

Through the Talent Pool report, companies will be able to precisely define and understand specific populations of talent they are interested in. Within a few clicks, they will have a clear picture of what they need to know to recruit and hire for those hard-to-fill roles.

A few additional insights:

  • Where does this talent live and what companies and industries does this talent work in
  • How difficult is it to hire the talent you’re looking for
  • What schools are producing this talent
  • How is this talent engaging with your company on LinkedIn


The Company Report

The Company report takes the strategy further to understand talent at the company level so companies can see how well they are doing in attracting and retaining talent, and develop branding and recruiting strategies to get even better.

A few additional insights:

  • How a company’s workforce is distributed by function and geography
  • Where a company is gaining talent from and losing talent to
  • Which skills at a company are growing the fastest
  • What schools a company is hiring talent from
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