linkedin skill assessments v2

LinkedIn rolls out Skill Assessments, a fresh way for you to certify your skills and add a ‘verified skill’ badge to your profile.

According to  LinkedIn research, over 76% hope there was a way for hiring leaders to validate their skills so they could stand out amongst other applicants.

“When skills are validated, members can build a stronger profile and become more discoverable to opportunities — early results show a significant improvement (~30%) in the likelihood to get hired if you complete a LinkedIn Skill Assessment.”

What’s a LinkedIn Skill Assessment?

It’s a short-form, a reliable assessment considered by leading third-party subject matter and learning professionals sourced through LinkedIn Learning’s system to evaluate and certify skills.


How to Take a Skill Assessment Quiz

LinkedIn members can start taking skill assessment quiz by directing to your LinkedIn profile and scrolling down to the skills section.

From there, select one of the skills you want to validate as shown below:


After completing the quiz, you’ll get a report card with your score and LinkedIn learning courses based on what you got right.

When you’ve passed an assessment for an in-demand skill LinkedIn will also send you suitable job recommendations as soon as they’re announced.

Show off Your Skills

If you successfully pass (70th percentile or above), you have the option to add a ‘verified skill’ badge to your profile.

If you don’t pass, you have complete control over the visibility of the results and you can go over and target for a better percentile next time.

Regardless of the result, LinkedIn will offer free (for a limited time), related LinkedIn Learning Course to develop your skills.

Types of Skill Assessments Available

LinkedIn will be introducing many in-demand skill assessments over the coming weeks. They are planning to keep escalating the skill assessment selection over time.

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