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The best professional network, LinkedIn has declared the launch of Audience Insights feature on its mobile application.

With these insights you can now keep track that who is viewing your articles or post. It is relatively easier to understand that whether the post was successfully optimized or not. The post has better chances to reach the right audience and gain visibility when it is optimized.

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In the LinkedIn mobile app you have to tap on the “Me” users’ content. And you will get real-time insights about the users like job titles, their companies, locations and lot more.

It is the leading professional platform used for publishing long-form articles and updates by almost 3 million people.

LinkedIn is always passionate about creating the best experience for their users. Now, you can become more productive and successful in your career as audience insights help you in connecting with such people who are relevant to your work or industry. This feature of LinkedIn will soon be available for Desktop version too.

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