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If you are into blogging or like to read articles and posts, then you must have heard about 80/20 blogging rule.

We would like to make this rule clear in this article by putting some light on it.

To say it in common, 80/20 rule is officially known as Pareto principle. Later on, the principle was applied to business and marketing. The principle states, 20% of invested time produces 80% of results.


It is considered as an incredible and effective tool to grow your business. The 80/20 rule applies to various circumstances. It works well for bloggers too and they should apply it while creating and promoting content. You need to maintain an appropriate balance between tailoring your content to interest different people and creating blog posts that resonate with your primary audience.

This concept is a tool and you should use it in a way that it generates benefits for your brand.

The 80/20 rule for Blogging Success

This principle should be adopted to maximize the efficiency of your blogging efforts. Apply this approach to work more in the smart way instead of working hard more often. If you want to draw the attention of your potential readers towards your blog post, then you need to promote it well, so that it reaches out to your target audience.

Because the 20% time spent on promoting the content yields 80% of blogging results.

What is the 20% in blogging?

The 20% in blogging is marketing.

A well written piece of content has no worth until and unless someone reads it. Whatever your goal is behind running your blog, you need to attract readers towards your blog post.

Sujan Patel says in his blog post, “Spend less time creating and more time promoting”.

Content is Important, Can’t be Neglected

Above, we mentioned marketing is the most crucial part of blogging as an amazingly written content is only worthy when it reaches out to the audience.

But this doesn’t mean that you can neglect the content. You can only achieve success with your marketing when you have a high quality blog post.

Good content is essential for running a successful blog. A well executed marketing plan needs to have great content.

Quality over Quantity

We all know that quality always wins over quantity. You need to produce high quality incredible content that provides value to your readers.


Leverage old Content like its New

Keeping your old content alive is necessary to draw maximum benefits from 80/20 blogging rule. There must be readers who mayn’t have seen your old content.  The old good quality content can be potentially valuable to your audience.

Focus on the Target Audience

Know your target audience and build content that interests them. Match the expectation of the audience you wish to reach.


Outsource Content whenever Required

Outsourcing your content is necessary at times as it quickly scale up your efforts. You should hire ghostwriters to increase the efficiency of your blog and produce something useful for your audience.

How to do the Marketing?

Focus on 20%

Analyze what’s working well for your blog. Watch out for top sources from where your web traffic is coming. Focus on the sources which bring in 20% of traffic on your blog. Know whether to invest more money in satisfying your customer or not.

See the most viewed blog posts on your blog and add an opt-in form to convert the visitors into customers.

Build your Referrals

Building your referrals is necessary for better promotion as referral marketing is one of the powerful forms of marketing. It increases the trust factor and accelerates your reach.


Follow Influencers

Find out the top 20% of influencers in your field and look out for the top followers in the social media network. Reach out to the people who are currently making an impact in your area of interest.

You can also use tools (Klout, PeerIndex, Kred) and apply metrics to determine the top influencers.


Engage with the Influencers in your niche

Ask the influencers to publish a guest post on your blog. With the help of the blog interviews, they can discuss the topics about which their followers want to know about. Prompt other bloggers to post interviews on your blog. Ask their views and opinions on 80/20 rule.


Benefits of using Influencers

  • Influencers not only expand your reach but also make an appeal the audience.
  • They Increase the authority of your brand as these days users trust their networks more than brand.
  • They showcase your Brands value in an effective manner.

Right Way to use 80/20 Blogging Rule

  • Spend less time promoting content on social media and more time on engaging with potential audience and other networks.
  • Spend less time on creating the content and more on promoting it.
  • Spend more time on writing a post that increases your brand value and awareness.

The 80/20 rule is all about knowing that where you should invest your time to become more productive.

Now, you know how to leverage the 80/20 rule to make your blog successful. The helpful rule boosts the performance and turbocharges the productivity of your blog.

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