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The Social Media platforms are ever-changing with all the new updates and features, so it’s a bit hard to keep up.  But you need to make sure that you incorporate all the new and updated features to keep the marketing strategy for your small business effective.

Facebook Live is a wonderful live-streaming feature by which you can connect with your target audience in a real and authentic way.

Here we have gathered ways how you can use Facebook Live to enhance the marketing strategy for your small business.

1. Share tips & tricks to your Audience through Facebook Live

You can share tips and tricks, conduct a demo session or run a tutorial. You can even discuss your previous blog post and provide value to your customers. This is an effective way to educate your audience that how they can use a particular product.

How it helps?

Your audience gets readily connected with your business and they get to know that you care about your customers.

2. Share behind the scenes of your Business


behind the scenes

It helps you provide a sneak-peak to your audience about your business through Facebook Live. You can share behind the scenes about your business to give your customers a glimpse about how you work.

How it helps?

This works as a great opportunity to show your audience the way you work. And, provide them a better understanding that what your business is all about.

3. More Responsive Customer Service with Facebook Live

With this feature, you can provide more effective customer care service to your customers. You can pick any day and let your followers know that you will be live at this point of time to listen out to the issues they are facing. So, this helps you create a responsive customer service.

How it helps?

It lets your provide support and guidance to your customers in-real time and your audience feels connected with your business.

4. Using Facebook Live on Pages and Groups to build a Stronger Relationship

With the help of this feature, you can go live on Facebook from your business page, personal page or group and interact with your audience in real-time about the products and services. You can also cater the needs of your eager listeners and make the changes.

facebook live from pages

How it helps?

The audience who cares about your business will join you on the live chat and put forward their views. So, this helps you build a stronger and last lasting relationship with your customers.

5. Report News through Facebook Live


report news through facebook live

When something interesting happens that can be breaking news for your industry, then it can be launched through this amazing feature. You can report news and share your opinions on it with your audience by discussing about it on Facebook Live.

How it helps?

By doing such videos you establish the authenticity of your company with your potential audience. And, the views and engagement goes up every time you launch breaking news with Facebook Live.

6. Launch Products through Facebook Live

launch products on Facebook Live

With the help of this powerful feature, you can stream the live event of your new product launch on Facebook.

How it helps?

You can instantly make the people aware that the much-awaited product has been launched finally. The audience engagement readily increases with the help of live streaming.

7. You can discuss trending topics with your audience in-real time

Every day internet is buzzed with trending topics. And, if you go live and discuss the hot and trending topics with your audience in real-time, then you get an idea what your customers are actually looking for.

How it helps?

You can get to know the likes and dislikes of your audience better and bring changes to your marketing strategy accordingly.

Facebook Live provides you a farfetched opportunity to showcase your knowledge and connect with your audience in a real and efficient way. So, incorporate the above listed ways in your marketing strategy and rapidly increase your customer base.

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