For most young people starting out on their first job with Yahoo remains only a fantastic thought too far away.

But in an inspiring tale, Bangalore youngster Shobhith MMJ, a jobless MBA, made to bag his first whopping job offer from Yahoo.

The 23- year old boy who proved his mettle this time was actually backed by an advanced certification received in the wake of pursuing a 3 months digital marketing training program.

He finished this course at Delhi School of Internet Marketing and went through grilling round of interviews before being absorbed into Ad department of Yahoo India. He has been offered the position of Ad Operations Specialist at the Bangalore office of Yahoo.

A marketer in interests, Shobhith was born & brought up in the city and has joined Yahoo’s office out there to pursue his career, with an annual starting salary of Rs 6 lacs/annum

Being jobless even after doing MBA, he wanted to get a good job and without giving a second thought, got enrolled for the program and got access to his life-changing journey.

“My dream has come true. I always wished to work for the glorified names. DSIM made this possible. My MBA brought to me career options that held field responsibilities and then, I remained jobless for months”, he says.”

Shobhith credits his success to DSIM who mentored and motivated him to pull himself extraordinarily when he was disheartened of getting typical marketing job offers and not getting the one he wished for.

I caught up with Shobhith to know how digital marketing training program helped him to scale his career standard so successfully.

Q1. Hi Shobhith, heartiest congratulations for getting your first job with Yahoo India. Going further, we would be happy to know somewhat more about your qualification?
Ans. Thanks a lot! I pursued BBM, then, MBA and a short time later Digital Marketing Training at DSIM, with a purpose to clench the tactful learning of marketing in demand.
Q2. Indeed, even after having an MBA degree, you skipped career alternatives and went for Digital Marketing Training, why so?
Ans. After completing my MBA, I began paying attention to career options and wherever went was offered with typical marketing jobs that seized field responsibilities.
In spite of the fact that marketing was my strength and I wanted to be in the circle anyway, yet I never preferred to do the field work where you have to travel throughout the day, all along.
I wanted to embrace ease and convenience while doing my most loved work and that was the motivation behind why I chose digital marketing, a single click and there you go putting in endeavors and bringing the result.
Q3. Why did you choose DSIM? What was the reason that you picked it?
Ans. When I was in pursuit of finding digital marketing training institutes, I saw Delhi School of Internet Marketing amongst top and probing further became acquainted that it had a center in almost every top city of India.
So what, seeing the particulars, I was complimented and chose to go with the name.
Q4. Will you please brief us about the interview procedure, so that it could be helpful for readers to get an introductory idea?
Ans. I appeared there in 4 rounds, first was of aptitude test, continuing further with HR and f2f round with Project Manager respectively. Last round was taken by Director- Ad Operations.
Q5. What helped you most to crack the interview and grab the offer?
Ans.  When they saw the Google & Facebook certifications given by DSIM, they got truly impressed. Then, questions were asked on digital marketing and here I would earnestly say thank you to DSIM because its course made me know the maximum of the subject.
Majority of questions were identified with Adwords as my department is of advertisements.
Q6. How was the journey with DSIM, your sight and experience please?
Ans. I really enjoyed, throughout the course. It almost shows you everything in comparison to others who offer constrained knowledge and specialization in fewer modules.
Post training, I was sufficiently capable to choose my area of interest for further exploration. When I came here, I was not certain that what I would be offered with.
However, I received more than my expectations and got a marketing job where I need not to share field responsibilities.
He giggles mightily.
Q7. Did you find that DSIM’s training program helped you to mark your entry there?
Ans. Yes obviously, essentially this is a training program that teaches you A-Z of digital marketing. I learned a lot whereas my personal interest was somewhat inclined towards Adwords, Analytics, SEO and Social Media marketing.
When I appeared for the interview, genuinely the learning and the hands-on efficiency gained through training helped me to get it done.
Q8. How would you rate DSIM’s training program on a scale of 10?
Ans. I would give 9/10, counting trainers’ experiences, course structure, delivery method and the practical sessions.
Q9. So, what you have kept in your mind to accomplish further i.e. your future plans?
Ans. At present, I have plans to work for Yahoo India and accordingly to lift prized knowledge and experience. Following 3-4 years down the line, I have plans to step into entrepreneurship as well. Let’s see what happens.
Q10. Where you see digital marketing in the future?
Ans. As I told you earlier, this is a next- level of marketing. Everything is on the web and the buzz circumventing says that you can’t deny its significance and usability.
Even, today businesses are battling a ton to gain & hold customers if in case they are not present online.
The era has become digital and this will continue further grasping the advancement where you as a business person, shop owner, entrepreneur or a marketer would need to go digital.
Q11. Any specific suggestion to individuals who wish to explore career opportunities with big names like Yahoo, Google?
Ans. These names take a trial of your knowledge. The information at long last helps you get connected with them. Be confident and informed about the subject, this will without a doubt help you get into the spot.
Q12. What would be your message to young fellows anticipating to begin their career in digital marketing?
Ans. If you have plans to venture into this industry, you have to stay focused. Be patient and keep on learning. With the consistency and knowledge, when the opportune time will come, your attempts will definitely help you accomplish whatever you would have longed for. Enroll in a good digital marketing institute & get certified.
It was really great talking to you Shobhith, we wish you luck for your future undertakings and hope you make several career happenings further. Much obliged to you for giving the valuable time.
Mr. Shobhith completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in May 2018.
Let us know if you felt inspired after reading this story of a hustler. Leave your comments below.


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