It’s not at all surprising if you have planned to quit alcohol once again because of that ruthless headache, the viciously agitating stomach and that ghastly taste of stale dry alcohol in the mouth.

But, if you think it over once, consuming alcohol is not the only concern, the bigger concern however is how planned you were for the alcohol’s intake and its after-effects. Did you take some precautions to avoid or minimize the next day hangover?

If you had it to the point of intoxication, you are sure to go through hangover the next day. However, if it makes you withdraw from alcohol at parties, then you perhaps are unaware with the curative power of nature. The incredible nature has some incredible remedies for hangovers as well; some of the most effective of them are mentioned in this article. So follow the tips below and keep your partying spirit as alive as it used to be.

Intake Lots of Fluids


ho 1 Water
One of the main reasons behind you feeling sick the next morning after in taking a lot of alcohol the previous night is that you are dehydrated. Drinking water will help your body get the lost water replaced. The earlier you start consuming water, the faster you recover from the hangover. In fact, you should start drinking water when you are consuming alcohol.

A sports drink, which does wonders in getting you recover from hangover, Gatorade, is now available in India in a variety of delectable flavors. You tend to lose a lot of nutrients and electrolytes from your body during your drinking binge which however gets replenished once you consume this drink. The best practice is to consume it after you finished drinking alcohol, before going to bed or right after you wake up.

It is another way you can help your body get its lost nutrients replenished by having juices.

Wonder cure
Take a glass of 7-up or sprite, add an Alka-Seltzer or similar antacid and two crushed aspirins, mix them well with some fresh lemon juice. Take it with a B-12 vitamin. It works instantly.

Dos and Don’ts
Vitamin A, B and C get depleted drastically when you consume alcohol to the point of intoxication. While its good idea to consume orange juice or tomato juice to get them replenished, never try to intake grapefruit juice as it tends to worsen your nausea.

Eat to Calm Your Body down


ho 2 Bananas
The muscle cramps and discomfort that you suffer during the hangover gets much alleviated if you consume bananas as they are packed with potassium.

Crackers and Potato chips
Snack food has the ability to absorb the alcohol in your body. Besides, salt is good for your body during hangover. So try having some potato chips and saltine crackers.

Burnt Toast
The charred part of your burnt toast is carbon that tends to filter a lot of impurities in your body so having burnt toast will minimize the horrible effects of the hangover. Alternatively, you can even toast your white bread and have it with honey. Try having it before going to the bed or as soon as you wake up.

Recreate while you get better


ho 3 Shower
Make sure to add a shower in to your revitalization plan especially if it’s a holi hangover. By taking bath you get to release some of those pesky toxins out of your body.

Exercise is really helpful in getting your body release the toxins ingested the day before but then again only the mild exercises. Never attempt running or gyming as that can lead to some serious issues. So if you feel capable, try doing some gentle exercises.

The Ultimate Cure However


ho 4 The ultimate way to get rid of hangover is to relax and trying to sleep. Nothing works better than a deep or say a good sleep. You become so drowsy during the hangover as all your energy is taken up by your body and its organs to bring your system back to normal. In such situation it is best to allow your body to relax completely and recover the way it wants. Although sometimes you don’t have any alternatives as you need to go for work. In that case you can follow the above mentioned tips to get rid of hangover.

You had a hangover doesn’t mean you should stop hanging out with friends and having fun. However, you just need to be a little careful and take some precautions before your hangover really gets worse. Anyway, hangover is not permanent; it has to go, sooner or later. The more alert you are, the sooner it goes. So think positive, be prepared, plan things vigilantly and party hard. Enjoy because life is just for once.


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