A keyword in online marketing is defined as a word or phrase used by a person to gather information on a topic. Usually people enter the keywords in search engines like Google, Bing or social media sites like twitter, facebook, linked in and so on to hatch the information they are looking for.

Why do you need to create a keyword strategy?

its all about creating a keyword strategyDay by day, the number of people finding business online through keyword search is increasing. This is a signal for marketers who want to extend their business to masses and increase their reach. They can optimize their website and social media profiles around the keywords that are related to their business and are most frequently used by the people to get the required information. Now, when the people will search for information using these keywords, your chances of getting found by them are higher which eventually brings more and better quality traffic to your website.It is a little bit complicated to decide as to which keyword is bringing the relevant traffic, yet you have got some amazing ways to find out the popularity and competitiveness of certain keywords. However, it is wise to test and analyze how different keywords are driving people to your website.When you have got the tools like web analytics which enables you to find out which keywords are bringing what traffic, you can always go ahead and trim down your keyword list to the best few. Marketers need to make sure that right people are finding them and they are not wasting money on useless clicks. This is where keyword research comes into existence. Keyword research is an ongoing process that gives you insights on product demand and industry trends. You can grow your organic traffic and can prevent spending money on Pay-per-click campaigns through comprehensive keyword research.

How to construct a keyword strategy

Now, the idea is how to construct the keyword strategy. Let me present you with some tips on creating the ultimate keyword strategy.

Create a short list of 4-5 keywords relevant to your business

its all about creating a keyword strategy 1Make a list of keywords that are related to the product and services you are offering. While doing so think as if you are the consumer and you need certain products and looking for the information. In here we are going to consider the relevance of your keyword and its frequency.
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Build keywords based on Relevance and intricacy

its all about creating a keyword strategy 2Avoid using words or phrases in your keyword that are very competitive as that will make it harder to rank well in search engine results. Rather use keywords that are less competitive and more distinctively related to your business. The competition of keywords is directly proportional to the volume of searches on those keywords. Two things that need to considered while deciding about keyword is its relevance and search engine results that it gives. Keeping both in mind, you need to make a balance between the two. Suppose your keyword is very relevant to your business but people are using some other word to find the information, it will not give you the desired results. Similarly, if your keywords are giving you good results on search engine pages but are not relevant to your business then that is a waste of clicks and money because people are not going to find anything that they thought will be there.

Design and optimize your website in accordance with your keywords

its all about creating a keyword strategy 3It is not that you have chosen the keywords so you need to fit in them into your website. However, you need to optimize your website to use the mentions of your keywords at requisite places. Let’s take the images on your website as an example; they should include all text that reveals your keyword strategy.

Hopefully, this discussion on creating keyword strategy might have cleared doubts that you had in your minds and have helped you with some effective tips on creating an ultimate keyword strategy.

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