Digital marketing is a moneymaking sector.

Parv Rathore, DSIM Trainee

We had our heartfelt discussion with Parv Rathore, and Digital Marketing Executive at Aurelius Corporate Solutions. Read on the complete interview to know how DSIM helped him to learn advanced digital marketing.

Q1. Hi Parv, we would request you to introduce yourself to our readers?
Ans. I did Civil Engineering (Diploma) from Haryana and then after, digital marketing training from DSIM.
At present, I am working as a Digital Marketing Executive at Aurelius Corporate Solutions, Noida.
Q2. Why this particular move; Civil Engineering and then, digital marketing?
Ans. Digital marketing is a moneymaking sector and providing an assured job. I was not getting a proper company through my core profile, and then one of my friends suggested me to do digital marketing. This way I entered the digital marketing industry.
Q3. Why digital marketing training at DSIM?
Ans. The aggressive marketing of DSIM motivated to enroll for a digital marketing course at DSIM. I attended its demo class and this helped my decision to take the course.
Q4. Did you find DSIM’s Placement department helpful?
Ans.  Yes, definitely!
DSIM’s Placement cell helped me earn this job and I would really thankful to the department.
Q5. How was the training experience at DSIM?
Ans.  Great!
Through DSIM training program I gained lots of knowledge related to Digital marketing field. Trainers are knowledgeable and flow of modules was good.
Q6. How would you rate DSIM’s training program on the scale of 1-10?
Ans. 7/10
Q7. Your message to young digital marketers!
Ans. There is a lot of job scarcity across different industries; digital marketing is one of the few booming sectors as of now, so it would be good to choose digital marketing.
Q8. DSIM for you in one simple sentence…
Ans. “DSIM’s influenced me through its ubiquitous presence.”
It was great talking to you, Parv! Have a great career ahead!
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