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You wanted to generate awareness about your business among the masses for which you created a lovely website and made it visible on search engines and on other various channels with the help of different digital marketing tactics such as SEO, PPC and so on. And, even you started getting considerable amount of traffic to your website as well. What next?

Your end objective in any business is to get some sales, for that you need to generate some leads and for generating leads you must engage your customers, you must make them do some activities on your website. Not everyone who visits your website has a buying intention. So serve the purpose for which they have visited your site, it could be anything, they might have embarked upon your website just like that while browsing the web so do some activity to engage them. Let that person do something on your website and this is what we call customer engagement.

What is customer engagement?

ce 1 In simple words customer engagement is engaging customers through various activities.

Why is customer engagement important?

ce 2 So, by now you know that to move the customer down the sales funnel, you need to engage customers. Is that all you need customer engagement for? Or is there anything else that matter no less than sales. Customer engagement actually bestow you with a base on which you can build and foster a lot of things that account for a better and flourishing business. By letting the customer to interact you are actually increasing the credibility of your website. Besides, each action taken by customer on your website tells you about the behavior of each customer and so gives you an idea about your next step with that customer. In short, some of the things that customer engagement does for your business apart from helping you make sales are:

• Establishes high-value, long term customer relationship
• Builds trust with the customers
• Helps to figure out customer’s behavior.

How to make your website more engaging?

ce 3 Now, how would you be making you site more engaging as there are different types of consumers and you cannot cater to all of them at the same time with the same content. But yes no matter how different human beings would be a few things will always remain in common and that you need to take care of those things to make your site more engaging. In simple words identify with the human psychology and act accordingly. Here are a few ways you can make your site more engaging:

Good Content and images

This is something I don’t need to tell as has been repeated a number of times that provide value through your content to the people and they will engage more with it on your website. Try creating immaculate and useful content with suitable and stunning images to grip customer’s interest.

Too many choices may confuse the customer

People love choices but too many choices might confuse the customer and that they might not choose at all. So have diverse options on your website but don’t make it too cluttered.

Social Votes

Visitors might find your site interesting yet they can feel confused to take any actions and seek the opinion of others. So, you must include testimonials and ratings highlighted on your site. Visitors are likely to believe the words by your ongoing customers for they have already used your product or services. It builds trust.

Limited offers

People aren’t fool but it is a normal tendency that no one wants to lose something they liked and that if the offer is limited, it might prompt them to make the purchase instantly.

Using the power of a Real person

To make your site more engaging and able to hold customer’s interest, try including pictures of your customers and clients in the reviews, testimonials or where ever required.


Talk about your success and even failure stories as that tends to hold customers interest for they illustrate a true picture of you and don’t show a man made fake story that people might not buy all the time. However, you can always let your customer know in case of your failures that how you recovered from them.


You can increase brand loyalty by making a commitment or asking your customers to do so. It could be anything subscribing to a newsletter or even becoming your fan on Faceook.

So, this was all about customer engagement on your website. Hopefully, this piece of information must have helped you in making your website more engaging. Let us know in comments if you know some more ways to engage customers on your website.

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