You publish content on your website on a regular basis. There could be a chance that your content is being stolen. Internet is a big world how would you get to know who is stealing your content. Technology, yes technology when on the one hand helped the thief to steal your content at the same time on the other hand lets you know who stole your content. Hence use technology to your advantage and know who stole your content.

Taking any action against the thief or getting your content removed from where it is duplicated comes later first of all you need to find out that your content has been taken without your permission and decide whether it breaches the fair use copyright clause. You very well know how the internet world is getting flocked by a number of website every now and then making it tough to track down the stolen content however as we said before technology helps you do that easily. Let me tell you about a couple of ways to track down if your content is being stolen.



content 1 Go ahead and put in your page’s URL in the search box of copyscape and here you have the details of your content if it’s present elsewhere online. However, in the free version of copyscape you would only be able to see the top 10 results. So if you want a more detailed report, you need to sign up for the premium paid version.


Use Analytics

content 2 Use your marketing analytics to make out as to which sites are sending you the traffic. See traffic spike from a source you don’t recognize, and then sneak a quick look if your content comes out from there. This was one more way you can find out who is stealing your content through web analytics.


Linking Notifications

content 3 Well! It depends on your content management system whether you have the ability to be notified every time a site links back to your post. For instance, if someone simply copies your content and pastes on their web page, you will be notified and for this you don’t even require any analytic.
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Google Alerts

content 4 This one is also an easy way of finding out who is stealing your content. Google pings you if someone mentions your content online provided you have setup the Google alerts.

Search Manually

content 5 Yes you can do it manually by putting in the long-tail phrase from within your content in the search bar and searching for it. In order to find quickly, the phrase that you are searching for could be anything, it could be the last piece of content that you put in every post or something you have extracted from the body of the content. However, this is only applicable for the written content but if you need to find the visual content then you can make use of Google’s image search. Although it takes time however is one of the most effective ways to assertively protect your content.



These were a few ways you can find if your content is being stolen however before you take any action you must double check and should have the sure confirmation that it comes under content theft. Before you send any email to the one who seems to steal your content or report it to Google, you must have a full understanding of the situation as sometime people can legally re-use parts of your content. Hence, you are requested to identify completely whether the person on the other side is allowed to use your content or not. However, nobody can use your content without your explicit permission unless and until their use of your content falls under ‘fair use’.


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