An interesting session with Rajiv Sheth, CEO& Creative director of All Good Scents.

All Good Scents is a new, elegant and contemporary perfume brand launched in India with product ranges produced in France. The brand offers a premium range of perfumes for both, men and women. Now, it’s planning to introduce the whole range of ultimate & unexplored fragrances to Indian consumers.

Q1. Hi Rajiv, let us know your brand ‘ALL GOOD SCENTS’.
Ans. ‘ALL GOOD SCENTS’, a brand of Just Scents Private Ltd. is India’s first contemporary perfume brand.

We, at Just Scents Private Limited have 3 decades of experience in the industry and are now determined to bring the best of the fragrances to India. Ensuring the highest quality product at pocket-friendly prices is our motto. In our initiative, we are also addressing the modern trend of delivery, i.e. we have own e-commerce site with countrywide presence.

Our mission is to provide quality and international standard products with the superb appeal. The objective is also to create awareness about modern perfumery among the users via our website, social media platforms and promotions.
Q2. Please let us know a little more about your professional journey. And what is the story behind ALL GOOD SCENTS?
Ans. My grandfather had founded an essential oil business in India. He used to distil aromatic oil and also made a few blends. Most of the oils were exported to Africa.
When in school, I used to sit with him and sniff the natural aroma of oil & blends. This is how I got interested in the perfume business and decided to purse this as a career.
While pursuing college, I found about a school called I.S.I.P.C.A in Versailles, France. This school had perfumery, cosmetics and food flavouring as subjects for a post-graduation course. As the entire course was in French, to get accepted in the school, I also learnt French language from the Alliance Françoise in Bombay.
In 1993, I left Bombay after my Bachelors in Science to go study perfumery at ISIPCA. After my post graduation, lived and worked in Paris for 16 years creating fragrances.
Q3. After spending so much time abroad, why you decided to start your business in India?
Ans. French perfumery has always fascinated me. I wanted to bring the prestige French style perfumery to India.
Also a thought provoking question I had when I returned back to India after the global meltdown was, ‘Why is still there no recognized brand of perfumes in India?’ This was inspiring enough for me to come out on my own to build a fragrance brand in India.
A brand with premium quality fragrances, in the ‘affordable luxury’ segments for the new, contemporary & young Indians. This is how ALL GOOD SCENTS was born.
Q4. How different digital and traditional marketing are in terms of costs and results?
Ans. In India, traditional marketing is still most effective for beauty & cosmetics segment over digital marketing. However the costs are also higher.
Digital marketing though is increasing at a rapid pace. A lot of people today go online for price comparison and product reviews. In time the content driven digital marketing will be a good differentiator and bring higher results as lower costs.
Q5. So, what does digital marketing do for your business?
Ans. When we decided to launch a perfume brand in India, we had few set of challenges.

  1. There was not a single trusted Indian brand in perfumes in the country!
  2. Mostly deodorants and body sprays were used on a daily basis as perfumes.
  3. In people’s mind, the expertise in perfumes lies only with the established foreign brands.
  4. Foreign perfume brands are very expensive, used only for occasions and not on a daily basis.
  5. For a startup brand to go into offline retail model in a relatively un-ventured area is very expensive.
Few opportunities in going online –
E-commerce was fast catching up in India and was poised to grow at a very rapid speed. US and China were far ahead and it is expected that India will not only scale up fast but go ahead with its m-commerce model.
As perfumery is a subject, which is quiet niche, it was best explored going online with us sharing our knowledge with the online community and our buyers.
All Good Scents is a modern, contemporary brand. Going online was almost mandatory in keeping sync with our values. We get a chance to be very creative at low costs online.
For now we have not planned taking the product offline. If any interesting opportunity comes up in the future we will explore it.
Q6. So what are the four pillars, according to you, that constitute Brand Management?
Ans. Knowledge, Differentiation, Communication & identity, Credibility
Q7. If you get a chance to start your career again what would you do differently this time?
Ans. Nothing much… The way ALL GOOD SCENTS is going is flawless.
Q8. Share a quote that inspires you the most.
Ans. “The best is yet to come.”
Q9. What are your key advices to people who want to startup?
Ans. Be patient, perseverant & passionate about what you do. The rest will follow.
It was great talking to you Rajiv. Congratulations and good luck for your future endeavors.
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