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1) How many people use Facebook: 1.591 billion monthly active users

2) Total number of Facebook active users: 1.038 billion daily active users

3) Time spent on Facebook per user per day: 20+ minutes

4) Number of Facebook users in India: 132million


1) Number of people that use twitter: 320 million

2) Total number of twitter registered users:  1.3 billion

3) Average time per month spent by users on twitter: 170 minutes

4) Daily active twitter users: 100 million 


1) How many people use Instagram: 400 million monthly active users

2) Number of daily Instagram Users:  more than 75 million

3) How many Instagram photos have been shared: 40 billion photos

4) Average number of Instagram posts per day per user profile: 2.69 posts per day 


1) How many people use Pinterest: 100 million active users

2) Number of registered Pinterest users: 176 million

3) Reported value of Pinterest: $11 million

4) Number of Pinterest Users in India: 2.1 million 

Google Plus:

1) How many people use Google+: 300 million monthly active users

2) Number of Google+ unique mobile monthly users: 20 million

3) Average monthly time spent on Google +: 7 minutes

4) Average sales order value for visitors referred by Google+: $40

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