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An Interview with Mr. Nikhilesh Tawde,  Development Officer at LIC and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee

He shares with us how digital marketing helped him in styling his way to work.

Q1. Hi Nikhilesh, you are a government employee, so what is your designation and what all projects are you handling in your job?
Ans. I am working into insurance industry and my designation is development officer. I am working with this industry since last 14 years and my main job is to recruit and train Life insurance agents. Even I started, it’s my intrigue venture.  This is actually I made after joining to DSIM.
Q2. That’s great Nikhilesh. So, are you satisfied with your career status?
Ans. Ya! I am very much happy. First of all, I am working as government employee, obviously it’s a good job in case of job security wise and return wise. So, you can say I am very happy with my job.
Q3. Nikhilesh, I am very curious to know why you chose to gain digital marketing knowledge then?
Ans. That’s a very nice question. Well, prior to joining this course, we were using tradition method to recruit life insurance agents in our area through pamphlets distribution and paper advertisements etc. But those kinds of thing not give us good results.
So, when we are looking for mass recruitments. I come across with very good lady, a digital marketer. She handles all Google Adwords, social media and all other accounts. She also guided me in website designing and I found it’s very helpful. In short span of time, we got good results.
Me in my department promoted recruitment through digital marketing. I thought its good thing to learn and instead of giving someone else which is not from my industry, why not I study everything then implement strategy as per my requirements. So, I started searching for good course and I went NIIT and many more institutes with my query but I didn’t find any motivation to join their curriculum. After that I come across DSIM and I find its good institute have advance curriculum. This is how I joined DSIM.
Q4. Interesting journey! What do you think is the scope of digital marketing?
Ans. I have strong feeling about the concept called “Digital Marketing”. For me, I am working in LIC. It is a government organization. People are not aware of the fact that LIC is the largest IT users industry in India. In 2008-2009, we moved from DOS to JAVA then the digitization process happens into our industry. Now, LIC has got into some digital projects where all the documents digitized and there will be a lot of access from lot of places. family: Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>So, overall my industry is changing. My company is moving towards digitization, then why not me.
Q5. Nicely explained Nikhilesh! How was your overall training experience and how would you rate the trainers @DSIM?
Ans. I would like to rate 9, you can say because if I say 10 then people won’t believe. Personally, I am very much happy with the curriculum, training and it’s practically aspects. I am very much happy with the trainers. They are very helpful. Even still they reply to my queries and get connected with them via mail.
I am very much satisfied with Gaurav, Pratik. These guys make hell out of changes in my way of working in digital marketing. Now, I am taking baby steps. I started my own venture and I am getting good results. So, I feel DSIM is the best place to learn digital marketing.

Q6. So, before we finish it up, do you have any message for the masses?
Ans. I would always say, in every college and their curriculum they should add the course called “Digital Marketing”. Before starting their career, at least each and every person who want to be into an industry, learn basics of digital marketing. Once you are aware of all digital marketing aspects then it’s good when they go for any industry the progress is very fast. If the people who are already working I would say, they should go & learn digital marketing because in any point of time there will make a huge change in own progress.
I strongly recommended each and every one to learn digital marketing whether it is required right now or not, but in future definitely it will in demand. I am government employee when that can change my life then you very well know how it can change lives of private sector employees.
Mr.Nikhilesh Tawde completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in February 2016.
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