Instagram is here again with a new update in which it mentioned that recommended posts in the user’s feed will be displayed from accounts, they don’t follow.

Instagram’s “Recommended For You” posts will appear on basis of accounts followed by users and photos and videos liked by them.

Currently, this procedure is considered a “test” and it seems that Instagram going to make it as modest as possible.

Users will see recommended posts at the end of the feed.

It will happen when users have gone through all new posts from the account they follow.

This will keep users enjoying the platform as they’ll see new content once old has been finished.

This could go contradictory to Instagram’s another feature rolled out earlier this year which is made to get users more mindful of time spent on the app.

Users will be able to spend more time on Instagram in a significant way.

As a company, this is good for Instagram and the businesses promoting here.

In fact, this would bring more positive user experience presuming they get more and more content pieces.

To conclude all this, the recommended posts are only in testing right now.

Instagram notes that changes may be made based on user feedback.

Instagram says changes will be made only after getting user feedback and would be brought to a limited audience in the next few days.

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