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Instagram is beta-testing the ability to include multiple photos in a single post within its Android app.

Sometimes it becomes hard to decide from number of photos that which one to post. Specially, when you are on a trip or adventure, you want to post many but also do not want to overwhelm your followers with a bunch of different pictures in a row.

Instagram is beta testing this feature to open it up for everyone.

With a new update, beta testers on Android are tested with an album-posting option by which they can select multiple images from the camera roll and include all in one post.

The update was first spotted by Tim Wrobel, Senior Editor at Droid Life. He also added that with this new feature now users can select up to 10 photos and upload them as an album in a single post. They can also add filters if they want.

Philip Chang, a Twitter user tweeted about the feature and said that the new ability was the part of version 10.7.0 of the application. And, it was crashing the app that’s why it is being beta tested.

Philiip Chang Twitter

And Karissa Bell, reporter at Mashable also shared a screenshot and reported that holding down on a photo this feature provide users an ability to add more photos in a single post.

karissa bell

Hopefully, all the users will be able to access this feature soon.

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