Instagram is introducing an e-commerce solution for businesses and with this, they can sell products in the app.

The name of that feature ‘Checkout on Instagram’ and currently it is under testing in a closed beta with selected brands.

Brands having access to this feature will be able to add a ‘Checkout on Instagram’ button to the product page where this ad will be posted.

Tapping the button will take users to see options like size and color, and then move directly to checkout.

Instagram 1

The benefit of the feature to users will be that they just need to put their name, email, billing information, and shipping address once.

The information will be saved after the customer has made the first purchase.

How Marketers to Take This Update?

This update is really scoring to the biggest concern of social media marketing.

The feature is not just a usual way to sell products on the internet; rather brands will be able to quantifiably measure Instagram marketing success.

If you discover the results of social media shopping, you’ll never find “This post generated X amount of dollars in revenue” result.

This feature will enable retailers selling their products on Instagram to see the number of sales generated from a specific post.

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