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If marketing creates and satisfies demand, digital marketing drives the creation of demand using the power of the Internet and satisfies this demand in new and innovative ways. The Internet is an interactive medium. It allows for the exchange of currency, but more than that, it allows for the exchange of value. DSIM hopes the following Infographic will clear up a few things for you.
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Digital marketing is nothing but pure marketing done on Internet using digital devices. Some of the key steps in marketing process is- 1- Identify what customers want 2- Research and development 3- Identifying potential buyers 4- Increasing brand awareness 5- Proposing value 6- Creating utility 7- Advertising 8- Promotion 9- Sales 10- Feedback 11- Retaining 12- Measurement Importance and benefits of digital marketing- 1- Wide Reach 2- Helps in increasing brand awareness 3- Cost effective 4- Performance oriented 5- You can easily target your niche 6- Generate potential business leads 7- Track and monitor your marketing campaigns to improve performance 8- Cut down on employees expenses 9- Edge your lazy competitors 10- Challenge your big fat competitors 11- Add extra outlet for sales 10 step guide on how to start with digital marketing- STEP 1. Book A Domain Name STEP 2. Buy Web Hosting STEP 3. Website Content planning STEP 4. Conceptualize your Website STEP 5. Do A/B Testing STEP 6. Get your website developed STEP 7. Boost Social media visibility STEP 8. Start writing blog STEP 9.Get your website mentioned STEP 10. ONLINE ADVERTISING-google adwords, facebook ads, linkedin ads digital marketing process : Step 1: Increase visibility online STEP 2 : BRING TARGETED TRAFFIC STEP 3 : TRAFFIC ENGAGEMENT Step 4: CONVERSION STEP 5 : MEASUREMENT STEP 6 : RETENTION HOW TO DO DIGITAL MARKETING - Search Engine marketing, Social media marketing, Email marketing
how to do digital marketing.
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