You would hardly find anybody in the world who would not be meticulous at spending their hard-earned money but Indians are found to be a little more tight-fisted.

It has become imperative to remain in connection with growth and money the way technology is developing and taking over every aspects of life.

The swift growth of messenger apps has made stickers used in messaging apps a major attraction for Indians and that they are venting out money for these. Indians also spend a considerable amount of money into games and virtual currency.

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According to a recent report, Indians are usually willing to spend between 71-129 on digital products related to messaging. According to the times of India the report was generated according to the survey of 455 Smartphone users on the ad network of a Bangalore-based company. Messaging apps were the major attraction over social networks and voice calls. It was found in the survey that messenger apps were widely used for purchases made by the consumers.

It was also found in the survey that a lot of advertisers are using these platforms for emotional engagement as well as for experimenting with launching such services that they have already done in their home markets like Japan and China.

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