According to a recent study conducted on how brand storytelling online is driving consumer behaviors such as engagement, spending and brand advocacy in India, it was found that Indian consumers spend up to 187% more on brands they follow online. The study was surveyed over 2,200 consumers between the ages of 15 and 60 across 10 Asia Pacific markets including India across six business categories.

The study revealed that there is a clear relationship between brand storytelling online and increased consumer spending, referrals, and engagement. A series of questions related to how they interact with brands across different business sectors were asked to all the respondents, whether it was Travel & Tourism, Mobile Devices, Consumer Electronics and Appliances (excluding Mobile Devices), Food & Beverage products, Personal Care products, and Healthcare.

Across all markets and business sectors, it was found that consumers who are exposed to brand content regularly through social channels spend more on products and services than those that don’t. When it comes to healthcare brands Indian consumers who engage with them online spend 187% more than those that don’t.

An overwhelming 97% of the Indian respondents surveyed follow their favorite brands on social channels. Although, mobile devices, consumer electronics, and food & beverage products are found to be among the top three sectors, 72% of the Indian consumers surveyed follow their favorite healthcare brand on social channels, which is in fact higher than the Asia-Pacific average for the healthcare sector at 48% and even ahead of the Indian travel and tourism sector at 68%.

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The way social media adoption and usage is thriving in India with the second largest Facebook population worldwide, brands with good quality multi-channel brand storytelling will be rewarded with larger spends, engagement rates, and higher levels of brand advocacy this year.

At the same time, while India is found to have the second lowest rate of Smartphone penetration across all markets covered, the idea is the country witnesses the significant growth of mobile IM platforms such as WeChat and Line and that these platforms have become more like social networks rather than just instant messengers. The study also revealed that WeChat and Line are found to be the third and fifth most frequently used platform after Facebook and Twitter among the Indian consumers surveyed.

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