In a recent study on social networking growth all around the world, it was found that social networking growth is India is higher than any other country in the world signaling that this powerful medium of the virtual world have become even more powerful in India.

As per the study with more and more people logging into Facebook and Twitter accounts, India recorded a growth rate of 37.4 % in social networking last year.

Although, there might be a deceleration in the growth rate of social network users globally however, as far as India is concerned, there is not stopping as the number of social media users in urban India is projected to cross a whopping 80 million this year from 63 million years ago.

With second largest Facebook population after the US, India is expected to have the largest Facebook user base in the world by 2016, as revealed by the study.

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Moreover, during a survey it was found that 78 million netizens across the country were active users of Facebook in early 2013, registering a 50 % growth over the same period in 2012, followed by 33 million users on Twitter and 20 million users on LinkedIn.

This boom has established social media as an imperative part of a holistic marketing strategy, for it not only helps business to connect, communicate with and engage the consumers but also helps them to accomplish marketing goals at reduced cost, provide better customer service and create an online personality more easily and effectively.

As per the study, social media helps business big time in promoting and marketing products and services in the virtual world, if its best practices are followed. It was emphasized during they study that the most important thing that social media helps you with is building trust lack of which is the biggest factor that kills your conversions.

Social media gives you a tremendously efficient, cheap, and effective way to build that trust however you need to make sure that you’re a good egg to begin with as its power of making things viral easily exposes your negative aspects as well such as an exposing lousy service, nasty business practices or crappy products.

Anyway, if leveraged well social media outlets in India can be a great market place for businesses. If they know how to go about an effective viral marketing and use such platform to drive positive word of mouth marketing, can achieve ultimate results.

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