We always want to keep you updated which is why here in this article we are going to present the latest stats on digital India revealing a lot about the trends going on, messages to be derived from them and lessons for further implementations.

With India rapidly advancing in the technological space, Smartphone and internet usage has not remained confined to rich and wealthy users and that it’s covering every nook of the country whether it’s the rural India, female section of India or just any other sector.

But then there is something that still needs improvement and that is the speed on the internet connection that’s hampering the expected growth of internet usage in the country. However, let’s go ahead and see the complete picture as to what current potential of India in terms of digtal is and how much potentials the country hold if everything goes on track.

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Hence, let’s try to delve into the vital stats of Digital India in order to strategize our future marketing blueprints better.

An Overview of Digital India

Total Population: 1,255,777,000
Urban: 31%
Rural: 69%
Internet Users: 243,199,000
Internet Penetration: 19%
Active Social Media Users: 106,000,000
Social Media Penetration: 8%
Active Mobile Subscriptions: 886,300,000
Mobile Subscription Penetration: 70%
Active Mobile Social Users: 92,000,000
Mobile Social Penetration: 7%

“India certainly has a great potential, for when there is just 19% internet penetration in the country, such a huge number of internet users are there. So, depending on the country’s population, if the things get on track, India certainly is going to surpass any big economy not only in terms of internet users but the digital growth.”

Internet Usage: All Vs Mobile

Total Number of Active Internet Users: 243 Million
Internet Users as a percentage of Total Population: 19%
Total Number of Active Mobile Internet Users: 185 Million
Mobile Internet Users as a percentage of the Total Population: 15%

“The advent of low-price smartphones and aggressive price competition in internet tariffs might revolutionize this trend making more users in the country tech and net-savvy!”

Internet Connections

Share of Web Traffic (page Views): Desktop and laptop Computers: – 30%
Share of Web Traffic (page Views): Mobile Phones and Tablets: – 70%
Average Internet Connection Speed: 1.7 MBPS [Global Average: 3.9 MBPS]
Penetration of broadband Internet Access (>4MBPS): 4.9%

“Although the number of mobile internet users in India is low but share of traffic on mobile devices is more than that on desktop, signaling that things will only get bigger and better for mobile marketing. However, the only reason behind low internet penetration in the country is the average internet speed in India, which is half the global average. “

Mobile in India

Number of Unique Mobile Phone Users (Unique Individuals): 349 Million
Mobile Penetration (Unique Users as a percentage of Total Population): 28%
Total Number of Active Mobile Subscriptions (Connections): 886 Million
SIM Penetration (Active Connections as a percentage of Total Population): 70%
Average Number of Active Connections per Unique User: 2.54

“The mobile penetration in India has not even reached the one-third citizens while there is 70% sim penetration in country. Reasonably, an average Indian has 2.5 sims to his name. This may be due to the first recharge benefits offered by the telecom companies or attractive offers on a new sim that make the consumers switch in a very short time. “

Mobile Use

Total Number of Active Mobile Subscriptions: 886Million
Percentage of Total Mobile Subscriptions that is Pre-paid: 95%
Percentage of Total Mobile Subscriptions that is Post-Paid: 5%
Percentage of Mobile Subscriptions that are 3G connections: 9%

“95% of the total active mobile subscribers in India prefer prepaid connections due to a lack of steady income and a tight budget. Besides, , the pre-paid tariffs in the country are a lot cheaper than the post-paid.“

Smartphone Use

Smartphone Penetration as a percentage of the Total Population: 13%
Smartphone Users searching for Local Information via their Phone: 95%
Smartphone users researching Products via their Phone: 91%
Smartphone Users who have made a Purchase via their Phone: 54%

“Of course the Smartphone penetration is low in India, for it is known to be a price sensitive country but then the availability of low-price smartphones will certainly bring a revolution in the field of ecommerce as although Smartphone penetration is low in the country but over 50% of users are using their devices to make an online purchase while more than 90% use their mobile devices to research about a product before buying it. “

Activities on Mobile

Percentage of the Total Population using Social Media Apps: 11%
Percentage of the Total Population streaming Videos on Mobile (YouTube): 16%
Percentage of the Total Population using Game Apps: 11%
Percentage of the Population using Location-Based Apps: 5%
Percentage of the Population using Banking or Finance Apps: 7%

“Users are doing diverse activities on mobile irrespective of the screen sizes such as 11% of the total population in India is using social media apps while 16% is streaming videos on mobile and 7% using banking or finance apps.”

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