india_android Understanding your customer is the most crucial thing irrespective of what market your business is working on. The way internet usage in India is growing brands from all across the world is getting attracted to the Indian market. Not just that it is even changing the marketing strategies of companies within the country. Remarkably, this change in trend is so fast that if you really want to reach upmarket and professional audiences you are bound to make internet as the core part of the marketing strategy.

Let’s go ahead and see how the current scenario in India is factoring for a booming digital marketing industry in the country.

Reach of key online categories: India Vs. Worldwide

Search, social networking and email are the top three key categories for online communities in India, with social networking and email being significantly more popular categories in India than the rest of the world.


Video: Winning in rural India- Think mobile

This video from Nielsen illustrates the changing habits of rural India India’s 800 million consumers. There are 250 million mobile connections in rural India (more than in urban parts of the country) representing a huge opportunity to reach consumers on the move.

Internet usage: India

Growth of Internet use in India 1998 – 2008


Broadband growth: India

Broadband subscriber growth 2007-2008


Internet access location: India

Breakdown of where time is spent online


Frequency of internet use: India

Percentage of active internet users who use the internet


Video: India’s digital consumer

This video from Nielsen demonstrates how digital is going to change the way Indian consumers are connecting and engaging with each other, and what it means for marketers.

India: Unique visitors to social networking sites

India, along with Brazil, had been two of Orkut’s final strongholds – until August 2010, when Facebook overtook Orkut to be the leading social network in India. In March 2011, the number of Facebook users grew to 31,593 million (48% more than Orkut).


Online activities: India

Main reasons for using the internet


The huge Indian market is changing fast with internet access getting mainstreamed among masses and the use of mobile getting intensified day by day. India will soon be the world’s second largest country leaving behind even USA when it comes to the number of internet users. This clearly shows that how important it has become for marketers to focus on digital marketing for their businesses to grow better.

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