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An Interview with Mr. Abhinav Singh,Digital marketing professional and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee

An Interview with Mr. Abhinav Singh, a young btech graduate and now a digital marketing professional. He shares with us how he struggled for a year to find a job after completing btech in computer science.

Q1. Hi Abhinav! So how do you feel when you finally have got a decent job?
Ans. Can’t say top of the world but yes I am quite happy as have got a kind of job I was looking for. It is a promising work profile and what I like most is that I am in the industry that is growing fast.
Q2. So how did you get this job and what is your job profile?
Ans. Mr. PrakashChaubey (from DSIM) arranged an Interview with two companies Jabong and indiatimes, after I completed training and I got selected in indiatimes. My job title is Internet marketing executive and I am handling email marketing for a client’s ecommerce website.
Q3. They say never ask a girl for her age and a man for his salary! Still we are excited to know what salary you are grabbing every month?
Ans. This is my first job and I am getting paid Rs17500per month.
Q4. Well, it’s really good…We have heard you struggled a lot for a job after completing your graduation. Please tell us something about it.
Ans.  Yes! It was some struggle for me especially after completingBtech in computer science.Though we did get few campus placement opportunities in my college but they were offering typical jawa coding kind of jobs that was not my cup of tea.Then after completing my graduation I hunted for a job for almost a year and finally landed in a call center.I worked there for a month and then left it, as I felt it is adding no value to my profile.After 16-17 interviews and some offer letters with very less salary I thought its better to do some professional course to add value to my CV. Initially what stroked me was that I should do a web designing or anApp development coursebut then these are not very high paying jobs either.
After doing a lot of research I decided to do a course in digital marketing for one simple reason that it is burgeoning like anything and have lots of job opportunities. That is why I joined DSIM.
Q5. How was your overall training experience @ DSIM?
Ans. It was an eye opener. Never thought that so many things can be done on Internet. I personally loved adsense& affiliate marketing part and have also started creating blogs for adsense. I would like to give a suggestion to DSIM and I also mentioned this in the feedback form that though you guys mainly train working professionals & business owners but it will be better if you also approach fresh graduates and train them in digital marketing as it will open more career options for them.
Q6. So how would you rate trainers at DSIM?
Ans. Well I joined DSIM because of your trainers only. I attended one of your demo sessions and was literally blown away with the opportunities that digital marketing has. It was during this session only that I met 2 of your trainers, Mr. kunal Choudhary & Mr. Varun Jaiswal, and found them to be very good.
Q7. And rating…?
Ans. Lets say 9/10 to your trainers and 8/10 to overall course.
Q8. So any message for young job seekers like you?
Ans. Arey yaar… honestly I feel that kuch aisa bada kaam nahi kiya hai maine… abhi to starting hai….
Q9. Still if you can tell what you have learned from your struggle.
Ans. Ok…. I would not suggest anyone to do Btech as India has more jobless engineers then total population of Sweden.Btechgraduates are not in demand anymore…. It is better to seek your area of interest and pursue with it. This is what I have learned.
Mr. Abhinav completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing.
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