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Yash Narula, DSIM Trainee

An interesting session with Yash Narula, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and ‘AdWords Consultant’ at ‘SIS’. Read on the complete interview to know how DSIM helped him to understand progress in the digital marketing world.

Q1. Hi! Welcome to DSIM. Please introduce yourself to our readers…
Ans. Thank you! I am an Economics Graduate (H) from Delhi University. After that, I joined DSIM for digital marketing training.
Post training, I am working at ‘SIS’ as an ‘AdWords Consultant’.
Q2. What made you go for digital marketing training?
Ans. With a wish to manage my family business & to start my own venture, I joined DSIM’s digital marketing training.
Q3. Why did you choose DSIM?
Ans. I saw DSIM’s ad on the internet and began figuring out the details.
Most of the recommendations referred DSIM and I went for it.
Q4. How was your learning experience at DSIM?
Ans. Amazing!
DSIM boosts your digital abilities. The complete journey was filled with understanding. I’m satisfied with DSIM’s curriculum.
Q5. Where would you rate DSIM’s training program, on a scale of 1-10?
Ans. 8/10
Q6. What are your future plans?
Ans. To be a Digital Marketer and an Entrepreneur!
Q7. Any Message to aspirants….
Ans. Digital marketing is a superb industry. Be passionate and you can do a lot.
Q8. DSIM in one simple line….
Ans. “DSIM fills in your knowledge gap.”
Thanks, Yash! It was wonderful talking to you!
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