An interesting session with Anshul Bansal, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and ‘Digital Marketing Executive’ at ‘Qucikadnow’

Today, we had Anshul Bansal, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and ‘Digital Marketing Executive’ at ‘Qucikadnow”. Read on the post to know how DSIM introduced him to a classroom full of ideas taking shape.

Q1. Hi Anshul! Welcome to DSIM. Please introduce yourself to our readers…
Ans. Thank you! I hold an MBA in Marketing & Finance. Before joining DSIM for digital marketing training, I was working with ‘Liberty Innovative Outfits Limited’ as a Marketing Executive.
Post training, I got placed at ‘Qucikadnow’ as a ‘Digital Marketing Executive’. All because of DSIM!
Q2. What made you go for digital marketing training?
Ans. This new age marketing allows you to connect with customers worldwide and in coming years, will take complete control over the market.
So, learning digital marketing is all about having the edge over your future.
Q3.  Why did you choose DSIM for learning digital marketing?
Ans. I met DSIM on Google and being on top in search results, it won over me to get enrolled into its course.
Additionally, I read reviews and trainee feedbacks available across the web and chose DSIM.
Q4. How did DSIM placement aid you grab this offer?
Ans. DSIM’s placement team keeps on sending emails once your training gets over and continues till you are finally selected.
I also experienced the same. I came to know about this offer from DSIM’s placement team, appeared there for interview and finally got selected.
Q5.  What are your long-term career plans?
Ans. Right now, I am looking forward to master digital marketing skills.
Q6. How was your learning experience at DSIM?
Ans. At DSIM, I learnt a lot about being a marketer.
I experienced personalization as these people work on the opportunities at hand to make sure you get what you deserve. A truly rich learning experience for me!
Q7.  Where would you rate DSIM’s training program, on a scale of 1-10?
Ans. 9/10
Q8. Any Message to aspirants….
Ans. You as a marketer need to be better prepared for connected platforms and wearable technologies; through this you can reach your customers anytime delivering an outstanding service.
Q9.  DSIM in one simple line…
Ans. “DSIM is in the industry before demand has started showing up and knows how to raise marketers.”
Thanks, Anshul! It was wonderful talking to you!
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