Today, we had our insightful discussion with Sidvin Shetty, DSIM Ex- Trainee and Product Marketing Manager at ‘Techmart’

Meet Sidvin Shetty, DSIM Ex- Trainee and Product Marketing Manager at ‘Techmart’. Read on the complete interview to know why he landed up in India to learn digital marketing at DSIM and what has been his experience here.

Q1. Sidvin, we would request you to introduce yourself to our readers?
Ans. I did MBA in marketing; went to Dubai to start with my job; then came back to India for digital marketing training at DSIM.
Earlier, I had worked as a Product Executive at ‘NMC Healthcare’, a Food & Beverage company in Dubai. At present, I am working as a Product Marketing Manager at ‘Techmart’ in Dubai. Though, I am on a career break to learn digital marketing.
Q2. Coming to your work; what are the projects apportioned to you?
Ans. Previously, I have worked with brands like Himalaya Herbals, Dabur-Fem & Hobby, Groupe Lemoine-Bella Cotton, Mysore Sandal, and Shahnaz Husain.
Presently, I am associated with brands like Belkin, Huawei & Lenovo in Techmart; wherein responsible for developing & implementing strategies for PLC of New & existing range.
Q3. What was the reason that drove you to learn digital marketing?
Ans. I decided to learn digital marketing as to better explore the opportunities available. So, took a career break from my current organization and joined DSIM in India to learn it.
Q4. Why did you join DSIM?
Ans. I came all the way back from Dubai to India to learn digital marketing. To let you know, I have been a resident of Bangalore and had heard a lot about DSIM. Though, I was working in Dubai yet DSIM was always familiar to me.
Q5. How was the training experience at DSIM?
Ans. I am really happy with my decision to join DSIM. One of the finest things DSIM has is its training quality. The way you learn here, it’s phenomenal. Trust me, here at the place; secrets behind digital marketing are uncovered at each stage.
Q6. How would you rate DSIM’s training program on a scale of 1-10?
Ans. I would give 9.5/10.
Trainer-11; Curriculum-9; Infrastructure-8; Support-8.5; Placement- 8
Q7. Digital marketing & its future; what you have to say?
Ans.  With the growing population of tech-savvy online users, possibilities are endless. The marketing type is a workable way to turn your business into a profitable hub; so more & more players will keep on coming.
Q8. What are your long term career goals?
Ans. I am going back to Dubai and have plans to start my own business soon.
Q9. Your message to working professionals….
Ans. Go for it!
Q8. DSIM in one sentence!
Ans. “I have come all the way from Dubai to India to join DSIM; do I need to say anything else?”
Thank you for your valuable time Sidvin! Hope you gain great success ahead!
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