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An Interview with Mr. Vaibhav Mittal, Internet Marketing Executive in Tea-Stall Studio and DSIM’s Ex-trainee

An Interview with Mr. Vaibhav Mittal, Internet Marketing Executive in Tea-Stall Studio and DSIM’s Ex-trainee. He shares with us how digital marketing knowledge helped him in getting a dream job and that too so early in his life.

Q1. Hi Vaibhav! We have heard you have got a job in Tea-stall studio as an internet marketing executive. Is it true?   
Ans. Yes! I have got a job in Tea Stall Studio as an internet marketing executive.
Q2. That’s wonderful! So how do you feel on getting a job just after you completed your digital marketing training and that too being a fresher? 
Ans. Top of the world! I mean it! Being a fresher I never had expected that I will get a job that I always had dreamt of and that too so early in my life. I am getting to learn a lot at this job. Besides, it is all just fun and entertainment.
Q3.  And what do you say…did the training help you in any way in getting the job?
Ans. The training helped me big-time. It covered so many things, so many segments that I had a plethora of options to make my career line but since I always had wanted to work in the field of social media and Adwords I chose it as the line of my career.
Q4. Great! So Vaibhav as per our knowledge you got this job through DSIM’s Placement cell. Is it right?
Ans. Yes! It’s true!
Q5. Please let us know how it all happened?   
Ans. I was searching for a job on job portals like naukri, indeed, monster, etc for last some months but couldn’t find the one meant for me. However, after I completed the digital marketing training I contacted my counselor who arranged interviews with two different companies. I got selected in the first one i. e. Tea-stall studio as an internet marketing executive. This is how it all happened.

Q6. Coming to your job profile…what all projects are you handling at your job?
Ans.I am handling three projects of Google Adwords and two projects of Facebook marketing. And let me tell you a fact that these were the two segments that I always dreamt of working in while I was pursuing my course. So, I have got what I wanted.
Q7. Seems interesting! So Vaibhav you graduated in 2013 and you must be having some plans about your career. Why digital marketing? 
Ans. Any field? Not as such! From the very beginning my main aim happened to be to earn money or rather big money no matter what field I work in. I wanted growth! I wanted big salary so that I could fulfill all my dreams a little earlier than people usually do it in their lives. And, I realized that I can make it happen only if I work in digital marketing industry for, it’s growing high. Besides, in digital marketing industry, unlike other industries, we have the freedom to earn money according to our desire by making use of our creativity. Besides, I always had wanted to work in a field where there is a bit of entertainment and a lot of money. Digital marketing fulfills both.
Q8. Very true! Anyway how was your overall training experience @ DSIM?
Ans. It was actually very good! I learnt a lot! I never thought that this field is so vast and I only realized it after I underwent two-three sessions of the training.
Q9. Sounds good! Well! It was really nice talking to you however before we end the conversation ….Is there something you would like to put across to the young job seekers? 
Ans. I only want to say this to my friends who are like me hunting for a job that listen to your heart. Work where you feel happy and positive, where there is entertainment and you will never be tired of it. Work where you get to learn new things and that where things are not monotonous, where you can grow and enjoy! That’s it!
Viabhav Mittal completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in November 2013.
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