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Company profile Launched in 1992 by Aero Group, to create an innovative collection of apparel for the outdoor enthusiast, Woodland quickly gained popularity through its unwavering commitment to quality and a growing community. Woodland products are designed to provide enthusiasts with the perfect tools to meet the challenges of nature. The Woodland tree logo is now synonymous with the adventure lifestyle.

Woodland’s ProPlanet philosophy and community is an endeavor to share their passion for social causes and inspire participation in nature conservation. In keeping with this philosophy, Woodland has always endeavored to make eco-friendly products that minimize harmful environmental impact.


Objective• Build brand awareness for Woodland’s ProPlanet brand and community
• Establish Woodland as an eco-friendly brand among specific consumers


Solution• An innovative, collaborative, engaging marketing campaign featuring banner ads and an idea sharing portal and contest
• Creating brand awareness and encouraging collaborative participation for the ProPlanet initiative

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Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn • Proven effectiveness of LinkedIn banner ads to build awareness and drive traffic
• Ability to select and target a specific audience
•Encourage collaboration and sharing through social media via LinkedIn’s innovative API


Results • 103,255 visits to the ProPlanet LinkedIn contest page
• 1,022 unique, innovative ideas shared
•More than 14 Million brand exposures
•More than 21K Brand Interactions.

Words by Mr. Harkirat, MD – Woodland


“Innovative, interactive, targeted campaign generates over 100,000 impressions and 1,000 new ideas around the World Environment Day “With this initiative, the LinkedIn India team has provided Woodland with access to the most relevant consumer-set for this campaign. The experience was definitely enriching.”

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