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How WheresMyPandit is modifying the spiritual market in India?

About WheresMyPandit

WheresMyPandit is a one-stop solution for all the religious needs of Hindus. A combination of an extremely professional team combined with top class services focusing on creating the best customer experience for the clients, WheresMyPandit function with a sole motto of inspiring millions of Hindus across the Globe.

Why we chose WheresMyPandit as Startup of the Week?

  • It is emerging as a key player in what it called Rs 40,000-crore puja and ritual market.
  • WheresMyPandit caters towards providing all type of Hindu religious services such as organizing an entire Puja, availing a Pandit ji for Puja, arranging for Puja Samagri, Supplying Holy products and even conduct an E-Puja through video conferencing.
  • WheresMyPandit has screened, tried & tested over 3000 Pandits since its inception and has shortlisted the best one according to their expertise, qualification and experience.
  • The Pandits are personalized as per the caste and language specs of the client and they conduct Puja according to the client’s believes, rituals and methodology.
  • In its first year of operations, the portal provided services of Pandit to conduct 500 pujas in and around Mumbai.
  • They have also activated their E-Puja segment which assists Hindus from anywhere in the Globe to perform a Puja through video conferencing with expert guidance from their Pandit ji which is well-supported by their technical team.
  • The portal has tied up with institutions imparting spiritual training for Pandits across several states to empanel them to cater to the demand in different languages.
  • The brand is quite popular over the social media platforms. They are continuously growing their fan following over the social media platforms. Currently they have 56,000 fans over Facebook, 428 followers on Twitter and 2784 followers on Instagram.

Idea behind the company

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The idea came up to Arun Poddar, a 30 years young CA when once he felt fed up with the drill of finding a Pandit every festival season. Thus he thought out of the box and felt the space for business opportunity and finally in July 2014 founded WheresMyPandit.

The idea behind WheresMyPandit revolves around creating a one point solution for all the religious necessities by providing a reliable and competent set of services and products. WheresMyPandit makes lives easier by arranging all that is required to follow your religion with faith and devotion in terms of Pandits, Puja Samagri, Religious Products and organizing Puja services.

Many other online portals like,,, and are just some of the portals that offer similar services, and they have all cracked the market in the past few years.

“We are still dependent on contacts for something as essential as conducting a puja,” said Poddar, founder of the company. The portal offers 30 puja services, including SatyaNarayan puja, thread ceremony, Laxmi puja, and Vivah puja. During Ganeshotsav alone, the brand arranged for more than 100 pujas. The brand added 1, 00,000 more religious product to its pool last festive season.

Growth and future Plans

With over 500 Pandits all over India, the brand serves across all the major cities of the country and keeps expanding its footprint to other parts as well. Customized as per the language, community, location, date, time, etc. the brand has a qualified & experienced team of Pandits that perform Puja along with taking care of the PUJA SAMAGRI on demand. Pujas are performed as per appropriate rituals, traditions and belief keeping in mind the purpose of Puja. The company has started the all new “E-PUJA” section which is conducted through video conferencing.

To cater to millions of Hindus worldwide, WheresMyPandit has entered the field of mobile-commerce with the launch of its mobile application.

Built for Android users, WheresMyPandit expects an increase by three times for both inquiries and sales after the launch of the application. And, post the launch of the iOS application, it hopes to multiply by nearly five times.

A user-friendly interface combined with pleasant color schematics and ease of operation makes this app a must-have for every Hindu. There are also plans to release this app in multiple languages so that anyone with a smartphone can have a smooth experience. In addition, the app can even be operated on a 2G network and consumes minimum Internet usage.

Major future plans include integrating the entire’s website with their application in terms of both the services and products.  Additional devotional content is also to be added taking their application service to the higher altitudes of quality.

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