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If you know how to use it then your blog surely can act as a thrust for generating lead and reconversions. It’s all related with calls-to-action (CTA). Like it does in case of your website, CTA chosen by you can boost or dwindle the conversion potential of any blog. Obviously knowing this you will become more careful about the CTA selection process for you to have the best for every post you bring out. We understand this which is why we have come up with a step-by-step process that you need to follow while picking the perfect CTA for your post.

Let’s start our journey to find the ultimate CTA that has the best lead generation potential. In order you need to make a list of all the marketing offers that you have and then go ahead and streamline it step by step to reach to the one that has ultimate lead generation potential for the specific blog post that you are going to publish.

1. Consider the stage of Sales Funnel

How to Pick Up the Perfect CTA for Every Blog Post 1 Now the visitor is already in your sales funnel when he comes to a blog. Knowing this it becomes easier for you to streamline your list and present an offer that goes well with that particular stage in the sales funnel. For instance, you will certainly not offer a customer with a free trail who has found your blog post for the first time. Instead you can offer an e-book or a webinar to him. This is how you can trim down the offers and find the best CTA that will bring business to you.

2. Consider buyers’ persona

How to Pick Up the Perfect CTA for Every Blog Post 2 You need to target your CTA according to the interests, needs, tastes and concerns of the visitor. Sometimes, however there is more than one segment of the audience with distinguished interest, in such case it is wise not to feature CTA for an offer on that particular topic.

3. Consider the layout of the offer

How to Pick Up the Perfect CTA for Every Blog Post 3 The layout of your offer does matters while CTA selection. Go to the analytics data and find if people prefer certain layout over the others, take a note of patterns and trends and apply that to you next CTA. This is how you can better know what works best for your audiences.

4. Consider the Topic of the Blog

How to Pick Up the Perfect CTA for Every Blog Post 4 See we are in the due course of trimming down the list to have the most relevant CTA for blogs. The next concern in the list is how relevant your offer is according to the topic of the blog. You need to include only those offers that relates to the subject matter of the blog post. The offer should be relevant to the matter of the blog.

5. Consider the skill level of the Blog

How to Pick Up the Perfect CTA for Every Blog Post 5 Knowing the fact that visitors on the other side can have varying levels of skills or industry knowledge, your blog should be more geared towards readers of different skill levels.

6. Consider clickthrough and conversion rates

How to Pick Up the Perfect CTA for Every Blog Post 6 Now when after trimming down you have a list which comparatively looks better but you still have multiple offers to choose from, refer to your marketing analytics. Take a note of clickthroughs and conversion rates of your CTAs as to which one has maximum and which cone has the minimum. However, if you have executed the blog CTAs for these offers, pay attention as an alternative on the offers landing page conversion rates to make your final selection.

Moreover, with the help of dynamic CTAs, you can make sure that you are giving your audience the best CTA according to their needs. You can present the repeat visitors with a different offer that’s meant for their exact stage in the sales funnel. For these repeat visitors who are already in our lead database, make sure you have different CTAs based on their interest, taste and requirement.

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