A Call-to-action or CTA is button, banner or some type of graphic or text on a web page advertising an offer and meant to prompt the audience to click on it and go to the landing page of the company. It could be anything among these such as download a free EBook, request a product demo, view a webinar or subscribe to a newsletter and so on. CTA helps the customer move down the conversion funnel by directing them to a relevant landing page. On landing page visitors find a form to fill in their information generating a lead for the marketers. The main goal behind call-to-action is to drive traffic to the landing page. CTAs play a crucial role in generating leads for your business. In order to move customers smoothly down the sales funnel you need some real good CTAs scattered over your web presence and optimize them.

Now when you know how important CTAs are it time for you to know how to pick the right CTAs. Calls-to-action are surely going to be a relevant step for your success with internet marketing however it depends on you how well you determine what CTAs to create. The number of opportunity you create to convert visitors in to leads is directly proportional to the number of CTAs you have. The CTAs bestow you with some real good results when it comes to sales conversion. Based on these insights you can optimize your strategies for maximum lead generation. Let’s go through some fundamental ways to create CTAs.

1) Create CTAs based on well performing offers

How to Pick the Right Calls To Action 1 Make use of the web analytics to know which offering is working for you. If they are working for you chances are they will work for you in future also. You are advised to pick your top performing offers and start creating CTAs based on them.

2) Create CTAs based on high quality offers

How to Pick the Right Calls To Action 2 Your marketing offers like product demonstration and sales consultations are more closely related to the bottom of your sales funnel which is why they are considered more vital in terms of qualifying prospects and driving business results although they require higher commitment and are less gripping. Hence, you should select a few high quality offers and start creating CTAs based on them if you really want to expose people these types of offer in order to move them down the sales funnel.

3) Create CTAs based on Behavior

How to Pick the Right Calls To Action 3 Based on the information that you have about the customers’ behavior, you can create some real good CTAs. You can know about your prospects that what will they do next based on their previous actions. This is how you can engage them further and turn them into sales. For instance, a visitor fills out your form to download your EBook. On the thank you page you can also feature a call-to-action which is relevant to the topic of the EBook. Mull over the ways in which you can twist the phrasing of your CTAs to fit in the context of the offer.

4) Create CTAs for Upcoming Campaigns

How to Pick the Right Calls To Action 4 The next types of CTAs are those based on your upcoming campaigns, such as contests and events. For instance, you are going to run a contest you can drive traffic to your respective registration page through various other assets like social media, blog, paid ads and so on. You can scatter various effective CTAs related to your offer over these assets.

This is how you can determine what CTAs to create. You must have understood by now that how you can pick the right CTAs for every offer in every campaign. CTAs play a vital role in generating leads for your business. Go ahead and optimize CTAs to get the best results.

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