Google with its constant and frequent updates loves to keep you on toes. You never know when it will make another update in its algorithms and that you always have to be prepared to catch up on them. However, if you think it over once and try understanding the basic idea behind Google’s every update, you will certainly find that it is a move towards giving users a better experience every time they use its services.

So if you apply the common sense as to what the audiences want from search engines or rather you, even you can meet user’s expectation before the search engines tell you how to. You need not search engines to tell you about what users want if you proactively act prudently. Think about how the users would get a better experience, what would be the requisites to meet customers’ expectations and eventually Google’s expectations. To help you with this we have compiled almost all those essentials that you need to pay attention, to permanently overcome the challenge of Google’s frequent updates.


pogu 1 First thing first! The content! Yes! Google gives its utmost priority to the content that you create and publish. Make sure through your content you are providing value to the users. Your content has to be unique, high quality and useful to the users. Besides, you need to make constant update on your website or other web pages and upload fresh and helpful content constantly.


pogu 2 Suppose you have written a very good content but that hardly matches with the product to be sold and there is no keyword relevancy, even then your website gets a hit. Therefore, you must keep keyword relevancy in mind while writing the content.



pogu 3 They say a picture is worth a thousand words and it really is. Isn’t it? Do you not find anything to be more understandable when it has a picture or an image with it? Certainly yes! Images make it easier for users to understand what you are writing about or what you mean by your content. This is why Google gives priority to those content which are not only well written but also carry an image with them. However, a point to be noted here is that do it meticulously as Google panelizes you for image mismatch also i.e. if the image on your website doesn’t match with the one that users see in the search engine results.


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pogu 4 If a picture is worth a thousand words than for sure the video is going to be worth millions. Don’t you think so? I don’t think I need to prove it still I would say through videos you get to see everything as if it were happening in front of you and that you don’t need to make efforts to figure out what it is all about.


pogu 5 It is a fact that Google’s algorithm increases the importance of a page if that page attracts links from the other pages. Google uses links to assess the authority of web pages. More the number of inbound links better will be your ranking in search engine results pages, which will finally lead to more and seasoned traffic coming to your site and in the end getting sales for your business. However, make sure that you follow the guidelines while building links so that you don’t end up doing link spamming. Do it relevantly.

If you have taken care of the above mentioned factors, nothing can stop you from getting to the top positions in search engine ranking pages, no matter what updates Google rolls out. Just make sure whatever you do, should be as relevant as possible whether it an image, video, content, keywords or link building. Simply apply the common sense, try to give users what they want and be a benchmark even Google looks up to.


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