Although it’s been quite a long time pintrest is in the air however we still don’t have much data about what type of content will work best on this platform as it revolves around the visual content.

However, we went ahead and have squeezed out some information that will help you use Pinterest to their maximum in your inbound marketing efforts.

Try experimenting with tall Infographic style part of the pack

content on pinterest 1 All of us find the taller content easier to read than the wider ones as it easy to scroll vertically than horizontally. Same goes with Pinterest people find taller images as in those with more content easier and interesting and that is why these taller posts tend to get more repins than the shorter ones. Hence it is always better that you experiment with tall, inforgraphics-style part of the pack to get more engagement.

2. It’s good to keep your description between 100 to 200 hundred characters

content on pinterest 2 Pinterest allows you to present textual content such as captions or descriptions with your visual content. The idea is that it is not only good for people out there looking for the information but also the search engines as they provide the context for what is there in the image. Although people use Pinterest to browse pictures still short descriptions or captions help increase engagement. Besides, the optimal description length on Pinterest is between 100 to 200 characters.

Try experimenting with the image by presenting something people aspire to be, do or generate.

content on pinterest 3 You might have realized that the most pinned words on Pinterst are those that indicate a positive emotional attachment between the one who is posting the message and the image that is posted. Words like ‘love’, ‘like’ and ‘favorite’ are some of the most pinned words. There are so many other words that signify about what the user aspires to do or be and create.
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Post about ‘Do It Yourself” activities people are interested in

content on pinterest 4 Just now we have discussed about the words that get pinned the most but now we are going to discuss about the words that get viral easily and get repined a number of times. You might have realized about certain areas like cooking and food related content gets viral very easily. If you are teaching through your content as to how to create things or cook something, it is simply wonderful. People simply love DIY activity that everyone can do. Hence if you wish to produce a viral content, experiment with food related contents or contents that explain how to create things.

Decide on what do you want to do through your visual content

content on pinterest 5 Go ahead and think about the action you would want to happen with your visual content that you are creating. Let me tell you a fact related with pinterest that there is a great relation between likes and repins as the content that have got more likes are more likely to be repined. However, when it comes to comment and repins , they are not related so intensely. But yes there was a relation between the content people commented on and the content they liked sharing. Based on this information you can channelize the accomplishments you will want to have from your actions on Pinterest

Hopefully, this research on Pinterest and its data will help you optimize pinterest in much better way and channelize your inbound marketing efforts when it comes to pintrest. Besides, if you have found any information like this please do share with us to make online marketing more blessed than it is for everybody.

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