How to Nurture Leads With Targeted E-mail Messages

After putting in so much effort you generated the leads however due lack of proper follow up the leads are not getting converted to sales. If you are not building relationship with your leads you are flushing away your entire effort. That is why we suggest you to follow up the leads through targeted messages. Lead nurturing is actually nurturing your relationship with your potential customer. You are asked to send targeted, relevant and useful messages to your potential customers from time to time. The idea behind is to let your customers themselves come to you and say they need your product.

Making your leads a sales-ready leads is actually done by lead nurturing. It is actually a way that lets you send an automated series of emails to the leads at the starting phase and getting them converted to sales ready leads before you hand them over to your sales team. So many surveys in the past have revealed that only 5 to 25 percent of your website traffic wants to do business with you and the rest are actually the researchers. It is sales nurturing process through which you make the customer feel the need for your product and incite their purchase decisions. Besides, measure and analyze about how your leads are getting converted to sales. It will help you make some effective lead nurturing campaigns and utilize this marketing channel to qualify leads and help your sales team.

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Nurturing leads through Email Marketing

Email marketing not just helps you to nurture the leads but also helps you grow your database and incite conversions best practices.

Build a list of email receivers

refine By giving the customer opportunity to put in their e-mail address while filling up the form on landing page, you are kind of taking a permission to send them e-mails. This is how you can create a list of people you should be sending mails to.

Content of the Emails

nurture2 Now when you have the list of people you need to send mails to what matter is your e-mail content. How should you craft your email to make it befitting. It is not at all complicated you just need to keep certain things in mind such as personalization during the mails, language, layout and so on. Keep a track of the offer that brought them there and try writing a mail that should acknowledge this for them to remember how they came to your website. Your email should not seem as if you are talking about your product instead it should seem as if you are solving the issues of the recipients. Besides, get the expectations set in the first mail as to when and on what gap you will be sending them the information via e-mail.

Convert potential leads to potential customers

nurture3 We have been talking about it very often that make sure your each marketing message is associated with a goal to be achieved and depending on that you can go ahead with your proceedings. Clarify it as to what should the e-mail recipients is supposed to do when he opens the email. Are you inviting them to go through your new eBook or asking them to share an offer on social media. However if your goal is lead generation then include a call-to-action in your email that links to a landing page in order to engage the recipients with your company. If they are already your leads then you can inform them more about your offers on the product they are interested in. They might not be interested in it right now but you can still continue nurturing them with broader offers. Besides, the landing page is part of your email campaign. Hence make sure your landing page and the email offers are well aligned with correlated language and images.

Measure your email performance

nurture5 There are many metrics that can tell you about the performance of your marketing emails such as delivery rate unsubscribe rate, list growth rate, open rate, click-through rate, email forwarding rate, etc. Here we will discuss about few primaries of them.

• Click through Rate
Click through rate is actually a data that tells you about the customer response and lets you know how many of them clicked on your link in the email. CTR tells you about how gripping your offer and the email messages are. This is why you are suggested to keep experimenting with different offers, call-to-action, subject line and timing to perk up your CTR.

• Unsubscribe Rate
It is not a very reliable metric as many times users simply stop opening your e-mails instead of going ahead and unsubscribing to it. That is why you do not get the clear picture about how many active users you still have as in those who still open your e-mail messages.

• Conversion Rate
It is one of the best metric that tells you about how effective your email campaign is. Higher conversion rate implies that how compelling and relevant your offer was for the customers. But you also need to consider the factors other than your email message while talking about the efficacy of your offer such as the landing page. Try experimenting with different landing pages based on the customers’ response. To measure conversion rate you need to integrate your email platform and your marketing analytics.

The way you can nurture your contact other than via emails is through communicating with your leads via social media or other platforms customers use. This is why you are suggested to start thinking about behavior-based communications depending on your leads and campaign performance.

This was all about following up with your potential leads and engage them constantly to move them down the sales funnel through lead nurturing and email marketing. Lead nurturing is as important as lead generation for you to have the sales-ready leads. Besides, never goof up by forcing a customer for buying your product. Remember, forcing a customer and nurturing your leads are two quite different things.

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