Sending emails to the people who have actually have opted to hear from you, is a good inbound marketing tactic. But what about those emails that get lost in the inbox litter or even worse in the spam folder. On top that, if somehow the recipients open it, they very seldom click through. Eventually, it kind of becomes a matter of frustration for us as our so-well crafted and well-written emails too don’t get a treatment that they deserve. But are we missing out to something that might sound small but impacts heavily on our email marketing parameters. Perhaps yes!

This is why we have piled up a list of few details related to emails, paying little attention to which will help you improve the open rates, clickthrough rates, and lead generation for your emails.

Send emails by the name of a person and not the company


ec 1 It is a fact that your email open rate increases if you send emails by the name of a real person and not the company. People are more likely to trust email sent by any real person than a generic one. According to a test conducted by Hubspot, it was found that personalizing the sender name and email address increased the open rate by an average of 3%.

Set the preview text


ec 2 Preview text is the text that follows the subject line in most email client inboxes. As the name signifies, it is a preview of the content of the email in the text form. If the preview text is not set, the texts are automatically pulled from the body of the email by the client. It not only seems disorganized but also wastes one chance to engage your recipients. This is why you are asked to pre-set the preview text. You can give your recipient short and succinct information about your offer through it. Try keeping it to 50 characters or less.

Optimize the Plain-text version


ec 3 Not all the recipients who receive your email can see the beautiful, HTML, rich-text version of your email as sometimes either the client don’t support HTML-rich emails or rest of the times the recipient prefers to view messages in plain text only. If you don’t optimize the plain-text version of your email, it might look quite cluttered and messy, which anyone would hardly be interested to read. This is why you must trim down the text that you have in your email, use short URLs in place of lengthier ones and keep the body simple. It will hardly take a few minutes of yours, and not only will give your recipients a better experience but also keep you out of the spam folder.


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Attach links to your images


ec 4 Your main objective in email marketing is to make recipients click through to your web page. However, for this you need not litter the email with links in order to increase the clickthrough, as adding links to images will serve your purpose.
As far as attaching link to your images is concerned, you just have to click on the image and then use your email tool’s “Insert/Edit Link” option. Or else you can add link to your image in the HTML editor as well using the following code:


Attach alt text to your call-to-action buttons


ec 5 A number of times it happens that the default image viewing option is set to off by the email clients and that your audience usually don’t see your stunning, optimized CTA. Instead of the CTA button, an empty box appears in their emails. However, if you add alt text to your CTA button, your alt text will appear on that empty box letting the recipients to know where to click to complete the action.
As far as adding alt text to your CTA buttons is concerned you can simply do it by doing a right click on the image and editing it or else you can do it manually in the HTML editor of your email tool by using the following code:

Besides, try adding alt text to every image you are sending through the email as it changes every linked image into an additional CTA.

Attach social sharing buttons


ec 6 If more people will see your link, it is likely that more people will click on your link too. Thus, make sure you add social sharing buttons in your emails to make your emails survive for longer period as they allow email recipients to pass along the offer URL in your email to their friends and followers. There are many email tools at your disposal that come with templates that have built-in social sharing buttons making things easier for you. You only need to fill in the destination URL and it is all set to go.

Email marketing is not that easy. However, if you take care of every little detail that go into an email apart from sending the gripping offers to the right segment of the audience , you can of course get your Click through rates improved that in turn will generate more leads for your business.


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