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There is a clear-cut strategy behind the lead generation tactics. You have a piece of content or say an offer for your customers in exchange for the information given by them in the form on the landing page. You make use of various channels such as email marketing, blog and social media to promote this offer of yours. However, things become a little puzzled when it comes to generating leads through mobile marketing. People behave differently on mobile and that you need to make some adjustment in your lead generation strategy in this case. However, you don’t require creating a brand new content separately for audience on mobile, squeezing what you already have for desktop for mobile experience would do. However, to help you with what exactly would you be squeezing, here are six mobile marketing tactics for lead generation.

1) Make use of progressive profiling forms

mm 1 It could be really very frustrating to fill out forms while on a mobile device as fields are usually very small and you end up clicking the wrong one. Even the forms’ length is much bigger than what you expect it to be. Putting yourself in customer’s shoes don’t you think these limitations will perhaps make you turn to another website that doesn’t demands so much from you?

However, being a marketer you will never want to eliminate a form, so what can be done here? This is where progressive profiling serves a function in. It lets you replace those fields of the form that have already been filled out the next time a consumer visits your website. As a result, forms become shorter and the fields move apart. So this how you can optimize your mobile presence through progressive profiling for higher conversions.

2) Create uncomplicated Calls-to-Action

mm 2 You have been creating some of the most wonderful calls-to-actions for your business that are doing good as well. However you must keep in mind that users are on different devices and that your ultimate CTA for desktops or laptops might not appear well on mobile devices. So while designing a CTA for mobiles, the strategy remains same just the platform gets changed. Even now you need to do the same thing that is creating CTA that contains an image with clear, readable and actionable text. However, the text should be short so that it doesn’t takes too much of the page on a small screen yet they should be easily clickable to get clicked by even uncoordinated fingers.

3) Give discounts especially meant for mobile devices

mm 3 Another way you can optimize your mobile presence is by offering discounts and promotions to be redeemed only through mobile devices. It could be anything a customer loyalty discounts, a promo code or even the discounts that can be availed on location.

For instance you can offer a discount on your product in exchanges for likes for your Facebook page through mobiles. Once you have made a big list of fans, you can nurture them with the help of your social media team and keep them coming back to the business.


4) Optimize Content for a Mobile Screen

mm 4 Reading an article or checking an email on a mobile device is not as easy as it is on computers. Usually, people don’t read them thoroughly and just scan them quickly going through the main points of the content. They don’t want too much of fluff and filler words while reading on mobile. Hence, there are a few rules that you need to follow while writing for a mobile audience.

1) People might or might get to the bottom of the article. So you few things, which are important for customer information and lead generation such as the punch line or the links to lead generation content respectively , should be placed somewhere in the beginning.

2) The purpose of the article should be written concisely. Make sure headlines are short and in bold letters. Content should be very readable and understandable.

3) The third thing you need to do is to keep testing different content types in order to figure out which content is performing best on mobile. Depending on the results create content that are most likely to be liked by the visitors.

5) Make your phone number clickable for instant dialing

mm 5 People are more prone to take actions while on mobile phones than on other devices like desktop computer or tablet. This fact can help you get your site visitors to the point of conversion easier and faster. Simply make your phone number on your website clickable for call initiation by the visitor as customers might post pone it for the next time if they require to copy or memorize your phone number. But they find it easier to dial your number just by clicking on it and they are more likely to do it instantly. It eventually reduces your website’s bounce rate.

6) Run a Simple Text Campaign

mm 6 Although being a marketer you would be accustomed to channels such as apps or email for mobile marketing, however a simple text campaign can sometime nurture your potential leads really well. For instance, through SMS you can offer some discounts to your customers while informing them about your offers and that when they text you back, they will be able to redeem the discounts.

Generating leads through mobile marketing is not that difficult, you just have to be a bit smarter and employ the resources that you already have at your disposal. Even a slight modification in your marketing can help you make it more enjoyable for the consumers that will eventually bring in more business leads.

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