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In one of our previous articles we discussed about how online lead generation can benefit your business but I think we didn’t talk about how to generate sales leads online. And, as we all know how important it happens to be for any business to find new customers, let’s go ahead and discus how to do that effectively.

1) Improve your ‘Contact Us’ Page

1112 The ‘contact us’ page of your website is very crucial and that the information and the form it contains should be planned and implemented meticulously. Try swapping your phone number and email on your contact us page if required. Ask relevant questions only, which are required by your sales team to follow up with them. Make sure the form is not too lengthy so that the visitors don’t find it difficult and discard the process before even completing the form.

2) Offer freebies

1210 Offering something of value for free will help you perk up results. Although, most of the visitors are not willing to get engaged in a personal conversation but they are more than happy to give you their contact information in exchange for some valuable content. It could be anything an eBook, a white paper, a coupon or discount for your products or services, or a free consultation. All you need to do is to figure out as to what will appeal your prospects and then test a few different offers to find the one that works best.

3) The personalization

132 When it comes to improving the response rate, you can considerably do it by personalizing communication as much as possible. Suppose if you are sending email communications, try segregating email lists into two or three groups based on ages, geographies, common interests or other relevant criteria that matters. Now, in order to yield a higher click-through rate, customize messages for each group. Make sure you don’t forget to take the name of your potential customers in all forms of communication.

141 Mostly, people like to buy but they don’t like to be sold. This is why inbound marketing happens to be the most effective way of generating sales ready leads as it never coerce you by adamantly trying to make a sale, it rather connects to you, interacts with you instead of telling interruptive stories. It intends to add some delight to your life instead of distracting you while you are on your go.

Inbound marketing is all about producing and sharing good and valuable content with the consumers through various channels. Creating and sharing good content helps make your business easy to be found, earn the attention of the customer, bring them to your website, convert them into leads and finally sales.

5) Testing is the word

151 The best thing about lead generation in online marketing is that it allows you to constantly test, revise and improve all its campaigns. If you think it over once, you will find that in offline advertising, what’s done can’t be undone easily and that you cannot make alterations in offline ads once they are published. Online efforts, on the other hand, can be changed and updated in real time. So, keep testing and optimizing your campaigns for better results.

These were a few ways you can generate sales leads online. Let us know in comments if you know some more. We would love to hear from you.

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