Converting website traffic into leads isn’t a big deal if know the ways and act smart. There are a number of ways you can generate leads from your website such as through content , by optimizing the landing page and so on. There is one more way of generating leads from the website which is very effective as on date and that is infographics


What are infographics?

Infographics or say information graphics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. So, you can easily turn those complex pieces of content into visually enticing graphics that can catch people’s attention.

Besides, people are most likely to share infographics on social media and chances of it getting viral are higher than those simple text-only blog posts with the same information. This results into more traffic to your website.

However, did you know they help you generate leads as well?

Yes! They can be used as lead generation machines and all you need to do is to create an effective conversion path and make these graphics easy to share. Let me walk you through the step by step process of generating leads through infographics.

Pick an offer to represent with an infographic

119 Usually, you make use of things like eBooks, free trials, free samples and so on to generate leads. However, in order to generate leads through inforgraphics, first of all pick one of your existing offers and find out interesting facts related with that offer or the problems your offer will solve. Jot them down in a notepad. It could be anything interesting pieces of information, random pieces of trivia or statistics of any sort.

Create the infographic

221 After you have collected the required information on the given offer you need to create the infographic for which you will need a designer. However, if in case you don’t have a designer at your disposal there are various websites that help you create infographics such as ‘infogr.am ‘.They usually have very easy-to-use interface making infographics creation not only easy for you but quite interesting too.

Create a blog post to host the infographic.


314 Now, when you have created the infographic, you will certainly need a platform to host it and a blog post happens to be a great place to do so. The best thing is you don’t need to write much, just a small paragraph above the infographic explaining what it is all about would do.

Note: Make sure you give an appealing and keyword-rich title to your blog post, for it not only helps people find your infographic via search engines through those keywords but also make them click on your link and share it while they are on social media.

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Add a call-to-action to your blog post directing to the offer


412 I believe you have a landing page setup for your offer and if in case you don’t have, create one where people would fill in their information in exchange for the offer. Each time a visitor fills up the form on the landing page and submits it you get a new lead.

Now that you have the landing page setup, you will need to create a compelling call-to-action for the blog post you’ve created for your infographic . It will take visitors to the landing page once they click on it. You can also hyperlink the infographic directly to your landing page.

Help your readers share your infographic via social media

512 Make sure you have the social sharing buttons affixed with your blog post to help readers share your infographic on various platforms simultaneously. If your blog have social sharing buttons by default then that’s really good however if not, you will need to sign up for an account, configure the social sharing bar, and add the required code to your blog.

Hence, this is how you can generate leads from your website through infographics. After you have created the conversion path and have made it easy for people to share your infographic, you will find that the leads start coming in.

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