If you are an SEO expert or SEO consultant, there is a high chance that you have heard about the skyscraper link building technique a countless number of times.

But have you ever tried it out?

If you have not paid mind to this technique all this while and you want to give it a shot than you are going to find this piece extremely useful.

You are also going to discover how to apply the skyscraper technique and actually, get positive results using power suite tools. Now let’s get down to business.

What is Skyscraper Link Building Technique?

The skyscraper technique involves looking out for popular contents and creating a much better version of it and then, harvesting backlinks both normally and also by reaching out to the proper people.

This is how skyscrapers become well-known, it’s like taking a very good building and then embellishing it and adding a few more floors and then boom! Everyone starts to talk and write about it.

Luckily, you don’t need a team of trending engineers, SEO expert or SEO consultants to perform a skyscraper link building technique for you. All you need do now is get yourself a glass of cold coffee and let’s get down to it!

STEP 1: Find Contents That Are Link Worthy 

The first step to establishing the skyscraper technique is to locate contents, which have a lot of backlinks. As an SEO expert or SEO consultant, I am pretty sure that you have some key phrases you always employ. And if this is not so, then high it’s time you did some profound keyword research.

A quick google search can avail you some keywords and key phrases that can come in really handy. But are you sure which of these results possess the largest number of backlinks?

Apparently, you will need to run a check on each of the pages to ascertain which has the most backlinks.

You will do that using some tools for backlink research.

As I aforesaid, I will guide you through on how you can handle that with the use of SEO power tools.

Check for backlinks in the Pages with SEO Spyglass 

Fire up SEO Spyglass, then go to file, then, new project, navigate to expert options, there you will create numerous projects, then go ahead and paste the URLs you want to analyze for backlinks.

Then click next, select SEO power link explorer, then allow the software to collect pages with backlinks.

SEO Spyglass will then create multiple projects automatically for the web pages you have specified. So after the check is done, you will be able to navigate between results by making use of the project drop-down menu. Observe all the backlinks and you will quickly spot the highest ones.

Use Rank Tracker to Analyse the Contents that Ranked High 

If you are using the rank tracker to manage keywords, then all you have to do to locate the contents with the highest backlinks is to open your project, then navigate to the keyword map dashboard and then click the keyword difficulty tab. Here, you are going to see the keyword highest pages with the analysis of the main SEO factor, the accurate number of backlinks of pages are also included.

Use Website Auditor to Find Contents with the Most Shares

If you want to find Contents with the most shares, you can accomplish that with the website auditor. Launch the website auditor, then go ahead and create a project for any website you wish to get the popular posts. It could be a competitor’s website. Note that it is more useful for you to create the project for a particular subdomain on the website.

After the tool has collected the URLs from the website, you can then switch to the modules of the pages, then click the social media tab. Push the updates factors button, select the social media factors and then press next.

At this juncture, you have acquired a list of the posts of your competitor that are mostly shared. quite an easy right?

Using the above tactics, you should be able to select a list of pages that got many backlinks, traffics and social media shares; and you can call these pages’ linkable assets.

Please note that linkable assets are not always articles that go in-depth. They are always viral videos, free online apps or a well-known infographic.

STEP 2: Refurbish the Content 

So we are back to talking about contents, if you are an SEO expert or SEO Consultant, you will agree with me that contents are very vital to websites.

So you need to create wonderful contents in order to get those links. Please don’t be scared, you are not starting from the scratch to create the contents as you already have a list of nice concepts. So all you have to do is to rework them into something nicer, longer and better. Something that is more readable and will draw people.

Here is what you should do: 

Review the articles and look out for discrepancies, find texts that are more up to date.

Now you have to creatively begin to rework the articles fix any errors or untrue information.

Make a longer and more detailed piece, adding newer information as you find them.

Also, add vital illustrations and case studies.

Try to fashion some emotional undertones into your work, as they will help to arouse more interest from your readers, as the emotions show your care for your readers.

STEP 3: Contact The Right People and ask them for Links

Your content is ready now, all you have to do is to put the last aspect of the skyscraper tactics into work. Return to the SEO spyglass, and for all the project you have made with the high-performance contents, use the linking domain dashboard and export or copy the linking domains.

Fire uplink assistant, then go ahead and create a project for your website, click add and paste those domains you copied from the SEO Spyglass. Next, the app automatically finds the email addresses on these websites. Now, you have just created link prospecting list.

Finally, contact an SEO expert or SEO Consultant, a blogger or a website owner asking them to link to your recent post. Before contacting anyone, make sure to reach out to people whose websites are important to your niche. Personalize the messages, be polite and mention that you have communicated them before if you had. At this juncture, I’d say a big congratulations. You have successfully executed a Skyscraper technique that will give you amazing results.

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