LinkedIn dynamic ad is a wonderful tool for making your social media marketing efforts successful.

You just need to learn to make the dynamic ads precisely.

In this article, you’ll come to know “how to create LinkedIn dynamic ads?”

Procedure to Create LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

In order to create LinkedIn dynamic ads, start with opening LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

Now, you have to click on the Create Campaign button available in the top-right corner.


Now, you will see a pop up asking to select an ad product. Click on Select next to the Dynamic ads option.


Go to the next screen to give a name to your new campaign and then select to place your new campaign in the current or new campaign group.

Once you have created a campaign, it will not move to a different campaign group, so ensure you placed it rightly.

Lastly, choose the language that your target audience speaks.


The All or Auto-Translate option is the feature for businesses that have an audience choosing multiple languages.

You won’t find this option on all ad types, in fact, it is liable to be applied to ad formats that have preset headlines and text, for example, job ad or follower ad.

You can select from a number of preset headlines and ad text options.


You won’t find headlines and text for spotlight ad format as of now.

After that, select an ad format and this format selection will depend on the goal you want your ad to accomplish.


Remember, the selection of the follower ad or job ad format allow you to use preset headlines and ad text which will work with the All feature.

The preset text for follower and job ads can turn to be excellent tools, but when they work in your favor.

If any of the options don’t fit your goals, write your own custom headline.

Remember, most content isn’t to be auto-translated to every global LinkedIn user, and you can run some separate campaigns that can have a correct manual translation.


Despite the ad format you select, you can make your own ad text, headline, and CTA button copy.

As you’re making your campaigns, see the preview area appeared on the right side to know the changes in real time.


Once you selected an ad format, choose if you are looking to show a user’s profile image in your ad. Check the box appeared next to Audience Member Profile Image to enable this option. If you want to disable it, uncheck the box.

In a number of cases, including user’s profile picture catch their attention right away and stops their scrolling activity, so keep this feature enabled.


Now, select your targeting area. When you select the location, remember you are able to include and exclude specific areas in order to ensure you’re connecting only with the users you’re searching for.

LinkedIn 9

Select your targeting criteria wisely. Your ad can do great only when it is relevant to the individual seeing it.

LinkedIn 10

Now, you have to decide your budget and bids.

Your daily budget determines how much you spend on a single day, and your overall budget determines how much you can spend on the whole campaign.


After this, add the start and end dates for your campaign to the calendar.

Now, you’ve to choose your ad rotation preference.

Lastly, select a budget pacing option. Go for either setting a daily budget or allow LinkedIn to optimize your spending budget on the basis of the opportunities available.


Now you can submit your campaign.


LinkedIn dynamic ads can give valuable leads to your business.

I the meanwhile, you need to know how you can create a right ad for your business.

Here are the steps to create LinkedIn dynamic ads.

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