Creating a brand identity is not just throwing together of a logo with some colors and clip art, it is a lot more. Building the brand identity should be one of the first tasks that you need to do for your company. You must devote time to research about your company, your market and your rivalries in order to improve your branding strategy.

To help you improve your branding strategy in a much better way and create a winning brand identity here we have a list of tips.


Envisage your target market

Brand identity 1 Our main motive behind anything we do while running a business is to get the customers. The same goes with brand identity. You want to have brand identity just because you want to have more customers ultimately. A brand identity helps your customer to be acquainted with your offerings and develop an emotion towards your company. Identify the target market you will want to reach and do a research about a few things related to your target audience such as what do they like? How old are they? And so on. See the idea here is to get the idea that how you want your brand to look like depending on the taste, needs and interest of your target market.


Research your Target Market

Brand identity 2 So once you have come to the point that who all are going to be your ideal customers, go ahead and research about them as in where do they live, what do they do, where do they shop and so on. These things help you determine your brands individuality, look and feel.


Choose your Promise

Brand identity 3 Your brand represents your company’s promise or say your offerings that you endow your customers with. The promise that you do through your brand can be a part of your mission statement that is reflected somewhere in your colors and the logo of your company. A promise that you make through your offerings commits to your brand identity in the long run. Hence, think astutely while choosing the promise you will want to keep easily and advantageously.
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Look into the Competition

Brand identity 4 See your main goal is to make your brand stand out in the crowd and so your actions and reactions must be accordingly planned. However, it is not bad if you take some inspiration from your competitors. I don’t mean here that you imitate them but yes you can gather ideas about what your promise should be like ,especially when they are doing well with their promises.

Get perfect visuals

Brand identity 5 As they say manifestation does matter. Hence, no matter what, you need to pay your attention towards how your brands look like as in your logo, your website and other web pages. Devote your quality time to get them right. Besides, colors have a wonderful effect on the emotions that is why you are asked to research with different colors to find the one that will express your brand well. You should also use images and fonts to bestow your logo with some personality and meaning.


Characterize your Personality

Brand identity 6 Make sure your brand personality is consistent and is reflected through in marketing, corporate messaging, social media. Your language and tone that you use is something that decides how your customer will feel from your brand. So keep your language and tone accordingly. For instance, for a grocery store you might need to use a friendly tone however for an insurance company you should use a reliable and formal tone. Besides, you can use information related to your market, competitors, and the ideal customers to decide about your personality and tone.


Hold your Brand

Brand identity 7 It is very important for you to embrace your brand and live to your companies’ promise. Ideally, it takes some time for the visitor to identify your brand so keep marketing your brand identity through smart ways.



Hence, these were seven good ways to go about creating a winning brand identity. However, there could be more and if you find some more ways please share with us as this is how we can acknowledge the technology and updates.


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