You have setup your business online and have done all sorts of things to bring traffic to your website. Your website has in fact started exhibiting a spike in traffic to it. Because of all your efforts you can see that a large number of traffic is being driven to your website however it is not getting converted to sales, which is your concern now.

As of now your customer is at the top of the sales funnel. We need to move them down converting the visitors into leads and finally sales. For this you need a gripping offer for your prospects, a relevant call-to-action to promote it and a landing page with a form where visitors will submit their information. Let me explain you the conversion process in details.

1. Pick the offer

im4 Being something that initially attracts the attention of the visitor and let them to fill out the form on your landing page, offers are supposed to be the most important part of any campaign. Make sure your offer is targeting the sales lead that you want to attract. For instance, if you are dealing in electronics then your offer should say something that will attract those who want to buy some electronics.
There is no hard and fast rule for offers. You can experiments with it and see what’s working. Besides, you can take the help of web analytics to know which offer pattern is doing great and can learn to make good offers from it. The offer form is actually the conversion starter for the sales team, keeping this in mind you should design the offer form so as to make a sale.

2. Create Calls-to-action

im5 Calls-to-action are actually a buttons or links that attracts the user attention and send the visitors to the landing page. After you have created the offer create a few gripping calls-to-action for the offers as they cause the lead generation. An effective call-to-action helps you convert a large number of your website visitors into leads.

3. Create a landing page

im2 After the visitors click on the call-to-action they are directed to the landing page where they fill in their information for the product or service they want. It is the place where visitors are converted to leads for your sales team to follow up with. Besides, lack of links makes it harder for visitors to figure out the way they will avail the offer, hence make sure all your calls-to-actions are perfectly created and are linked to the related landing pages well. Moreover, after the customer had filled their information on landing page they should be directed to the thank you page where they can access the offer.
Try to be clear and specific while explaining your offer in the CTAs and the landing page. Your key stuff should always be clearly conveyed. If you are offering an eBook for free make sure you mention the theme of the eBook in the offer. For instance,if you are offering a free ebook on some abc topic, say download a free EBook on abc. Make sure abc here is clearly conveyed.
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4. Evaluate and repeat the process

im3 No restrictions are imposed on you for you to measure and experiment. Go through the marketing metrics such as the click through rate of your CTAs, conversion rates of your landing page and the leads generated and find out new ways based on the most successful ones. In order to come to the fact that which elements helped best in achieving the goals, you need to test different offers, CTAs and landing pages. Have the courage to test different variations; it will not hit your campaign as you can anytime switch back to the older version if that worked better. This is how you will be able to find the best ways that does wonders for your business.

Lead generation can’t say is not a big deal but yes if you have all your tools at the right place and have the courage to experiment new thing based on marketing metrics it’s not that far. One more thing that’s important is that experiment is a wonderful idea but it should not be baseless. You should always take help from the marketing metrics to experiment and find best ways to conduct your campaign.

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